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Monday, 31 December 2012

My kink-list for 2013

As it is the last day of 2012, and thanks to some people I am currently very horny, ad seem to have kink permanently on the brain... I thought I would write about it.

Most people write lists of things they want to achieve in the new year, like loose weight or get a promotion, my list is a little more one-track-minded...

1. Wake up still tied from the night before
2. Try more extreme bondage
3. Squirt further and more
4. Try out a hired dungeon
5. Go on a kinky holiday, or just a holiday filled with a lot of kink and sex!
6. Try more hoods and gags
7. Perfect the art of the blowjob, with hands tied behind my back!
8. Be less feisty
9. Have sex at least twice a month, preferably a lot more
10. Cook a romantic dinner for two, cuffed wearing just an apron!

So there it is, I shall see if I can complete my list by the end of the year, hopefully I can! Happy new year everyone xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Bored and horny

As it is Christmas, I find myself without sex, at the family home and surrounded not by rope and gags, but by wrapping paper and ribbon.
I love christmas, all the carols, champagne, food and presents but all this time off makes me bored and seriously horny!
Last week I had a great day, that ended in my being hooded in his new present of a latex hood, with inflatable gag, and tied to my bed! The finale was when he attached my nipples to clamps, then tied the clamps to my toes so that when I came I couldn't stretch my toes! Needless to say I came a lot but now I find my mind drifting to this delicious afternoon while talking to an ageing aunt! Slightly inappropriate! I didn't bring any vibrators down with me and so must spend the next few days with a damp patch in my knickers and a frustrated body.
Oh well, I am sure another mince pie will help!
Merry Christmas to all, I hope yours is spent being as kinky as possible!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Opening up

I haven't written for a while, perhaps because it is because I have found someone who I can open up to. I am not sure why but I can. We talk a lot about kink and that suits me fine. We seem to have the same interests and I find myself getting a little damp around the knicker area just thinking about what he wants to do to me!

I look forward to a decent spanking... I am pretty sure he is apt at wielding a paddle, or just his hand. I know he has rope skills, and will post again about those! And best of all he is a great kisser, not one of those face suckers one sometimes has to endure! He is good at kissing everywhere...!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


I was fucked last night, and I fucked. He made me make my bed wet, I sucked, he nibbled, a fun time was had by all but as he bent me over and fucked me, all I wanted was a good spanking. I had a desire to be spanked so you could still see the marks this morning.

I shall have to wait for my spanking after all. Any offers...?

Friday, 31 August 2012

Hoods and hooks

I arrived at his and he said he had a surprise for me. He had bought a new hood ad wanted to try it out. The last time I wore one of these it was my first time ever in bondage and it was too much too soon, I was unsure this time, but I trusted him. What I didn't know was that it had padlocks, so I couldn't take it off. With ankles and wrists bound, he then attached rather visions nipple clamps, and then said he had an appointment to attend to. So left me on his sitting room floor, bound as I was, and told me to stay put. The nipple clamps stung, but there was not a lot I could do about it.
The feeling was blissful, I sort of floated there for a while in my own bondage heaven, although I didn't admit this to him! After a while i got impatient. The wrist bindings were easy to get out of, due to my thin wrists, and soon I was sitting without the clamps and wrists free on his sofa.
He was back within 10 minutes and rather displeased to see me partially freed! I felt a little smug, but there was no removing of my hood, snug as it was. I was beginning to enjoy the experience. He moved me to his door, lashed the hood to something and there I remind.
I came hard like this, squirting over his wooden floor (he really has an ability to make me make a mess). He then proceeded to play with my body, taking me through a journey of sensations, using his hand, my flat shoe and a pin wheel. At one point he bit so hard on my breast that he left a lasting mark. I came again.
Then he decided to use his anal hook, being a novice to anal play I was a little unsure. It hurt and I begged for him to take it out, which he did. I just don't think i am ready for this particular toy quite yet. He soothed me and then took me through bliss again building to another squirt.
I was taken through many sensations that day and as I looked over my body, at the various marks he made, the following morning in the shower, I was reminded just how much I want to see him again.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Plugged in orgasums

He arrived first, and decided that I was to be put on show, which I don't mind in the slightest.

It started with a decision, large or small stainless steel butt plug, I chose smaller, although in hindsight, I should have gone with larger, but at the time I was happy with my choice!

He then proceeded to tie my legs and wrists together, on my hands and knees, on my bed, just to frustrate me, which he achieved!

The main problem was that she was late, and in my current position I could do nothing about this, I was horny, I needed hands, I needed a fuck. So I moaned, and I was gagged! Which didn't help my arousal!

Needless to say he didn't wait till she arrived before he made my come. He never does! That is what I love about sex with him! I never have to wait long!

Then, she arrived, and found my position, plugged ass in the air, and found it rather amusing! I was not amused, I wanted a proper fuck and I am not a patient woman!

Having been tied like that long enough, and with plenty of fondling but none of my own, I was untied. We fucked, I lay on top of her and he fucked me from behind. It felt fantastic. So many sensations, her hands in my clit, his cock and the butt plug, it became sensation overload.

She didn't let me lie for long though, which is what I really wanted after coming a few times. She made me fuck myself using her leg. This is not an easy feet when one is rather wobbly anyway. It didn't take long.

I felt that it was high time she had some pleasure, so I got out my favorite toy, a wand, and plugged it in. Her reaction was immediate. It was fantastic.

Later that night, with the rope stowed, I got my wand out and had a go myself. I pictured her, him, hands and rope... And I made a mess of my clean bedsheets!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


What makes me squirt with him more than anyone else?

We went and had another nice meal together, I wore a floaty summer dress and he commented on how it was very demure and innocent, he later said how I was not at all innocent, with come around my mouth and down my breasts and smudged makeup, but at lunch, I was!

Going back to his to watch the Olympics, I should have known he had other plans! I had previously told him how I was able to wriggle out of anything, so after putting cuffs on my wrists, he added a lot of bondage tape, point proven!
Hands above my head, blindfold on, he attached nipple clamps, got out his paddle and in the process made me seriously wet. Then with skillful fingers he made me come, and didn't let up. I made a big mess of his hard wood floor, but later, I made a mess of his carpet, his sofa and his shirt (well it was under me at the time!)
His fingers have the ability to make me squirt, a lot, and with my insatiable appetite for coming, I am now feeling wrung out but content.

I look forward to round two!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A kinky car ride

I have had a recent proposal. A kinky car ride. The more I thought about it the more it appeals. There are aspects I am simply not happy with, like me be naked from the waist down, but it does sound like an interesting proposal.

The thing is he wants to cuff me, and ride me through the centre of London like this. The thought arouses me, but I am not sure that in reality it will be quite such a turn on.

Anyway, we shall see wont we and I will certainly write up here if I do get driven around London in such a manner, or if you see a girl, hands behind her back, head back, eyes closed, the you will know it is probably me!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Elust #37

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Popping my anal cherry

It was a series of firsts....

He came feeling deviant, I had asked him to. He brought with him some lovely white rope, lots of it. He created an elaborate body harness using the rope, from neck to thighs, then he connected my wrists to the back, held tight, knowing my abilities of escape, he pulled hard so there was no escape.

Raising my ass, I was lowered to the bed, he then decided to see how red he could make me. It stung. But it made me wet, my pussy was a bit of a giveaway!

Then he added a gag, and used my wand on me. Needless to say I came, i even squirted.

Once untied, he then fucked me. I came again. I love it when he comes, it is guttural and and I can feel him inside me, it is one of the most satisfying sounds.

We rested and discussed our top 5 kinky moments together. My list was hard to finalise. There have been so many. Him introducing me to her is up there, along with some fantastic sex furniture we used once. More on that another time.

Then he got a second wind. He attached my legs to my bed head, attached some viscous nipple clamps. The sting that travelled down to my pussy gave me away. I love nipple clamps. He then tied my wrists together under my legs, so I was like a tied package, legs in the air, arms keeping them there. This is when he got out his steel butt plug. It was cold. Apparently it was the small one! He inserted the plug, and told me to relax, I did and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Quite an odd sensation, not unenjoyable though. Once in, he used the wand. It was amazing. The sensation of being full, then the wand on my clitoris, it felt wonderful. I came, hard. Then again. Then I squirted so hard it went through my duvet.

I was spent, so we went to eat Thai, appropriate considering the circumstances.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still wet even though the sun is out!

What a weekend I am having.

I received a little pressie the other day, it came in a brown cardboard box with no markings or suggestions as to what was inside, or where it came from. I opened it enthusiastically, and inside was a pretty box, it was colourfully striped, yet still not suggesting its contents.

Inside my mysterious package was a wonderful new vibe. It is something I have wanted for a while and mentioned to someone, so he sent me one. It is officially my new favourite toy. It plugs into the mains, so no worry with batteries (which I am always buying) and has many wonderful speeds.

I have been enjoying most nights this week. IT really is a fantastic present. It also came with some attachments, which I have not managed to try yet, but I am sure I will be giving them a go this weekend. Just thinking about it makes me a little wet!

Another reason I find myself sitting in damp knickers is the book I am reading. Kink seems to be very popular at the moment. I can't say I am surprised, I have known the merits of bondage for some years, but some people are rather slow. I read an article in the London Evening Standard the other day which proclaimed the virtues of kinky sex, and in there was a book that seems to have gone under my radar, so I purchased it and have been wet ever since. 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is an addictive read. Very sexy, a little main-stream so far but I can't put it down. I have so much work to do this weekend but have found myself glued to this book and a deck-chair on my balcony enjoying the sunshine.

What with new wands and books, it doesn't look like the work is going to get done. I need someone to tie my to my desk.... On second thoughts, no work would get done then either.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Amusing message

I just received this message on a kinky site, so amusing I felt I had to share!

Your face is for recognition; I slap it. Your mouth is for speaking; I spit in it.

Your hair is for brushing; I pull it.

Your ear is for listening; I bite it.

Your hands try to protect; I tie them.

Your lungs expand your ribs as you inhale deep; I crack your ribs with my fist.

The floor is for walking; I pull you across it by your hair.

Your knees are for kneeling; I force you to your knees.

Your lips are for kissing; fuck that for now, I pull my cock out and smear it across them.

Your throat is for swallowing; I choke it.

Your airways are tight; You choke,; you drool, you try to breath through your nose.

I intend to hurt your mouth, hurting it is my sole purpose as I thrust away at your mouth as if hurting it was the reason for it existing; perhaps it is.


For more, all you have to do is reply with a memo saying 'scum'.

Nice meeting you

Delightful! Is it too much to ask for a gentleman who enjoys a little kink! Plainly it is!

Oh well, at least it makes for a funny read!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A proposal

"As required, I am going to make a proposal for an assignation," I began.

"There is a date that springs to mind. My proposal is that we meet in the afternoon at a suitably central location, enjoy a drink in unassuming surroundings and take the party to a room with some convenient sex furniture, he knows the one of which I am thinking.

"She will have laid out some implements on the bed, she will then decide on whom to use them. I know she enjoys planning, so the rest I leave to her. Being unsure of what implements she has, I cannot elaborate any further."

No-one responded.

I certainly sensed I needed to do more; "I made a proposal and have not heard anything. Clearly my proposal was not deemed satisfactory. Would more details work?"

She simply replied that she liked detail.

So I sent this;

"Details, well I shall have to be creative then.

"On arriving at the room, you select the required implements from your vast collection, he sets about creating an aesthetically pleasing rope harness on yours truly. This is then followed by more rope (well if it is my proposal there is bound to be lots of rope!) to tie off my hands behind my back, and legs. Immobile, I am then placed in a corner, possibly hooded so that one can't see, then perhaps a challenge is set. To obtain something? Or to perform a task? I am unsure of the fine details currently."

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A series of firsts... Part three

It being a series of firsts, I should probably describe one of the firsts. He wanted me to pleasure her. I have enjoyed touching and fondling pussy before, especially hers, but never quite eaten one.
First I started to nibble, while she still had her rubber black and white frilly knickers. It seemed to do the trick!
With a man you know one is doing a good job, the results speak for themselves, but with a woman, the results are altogether more vocal. It starts with breathing, I mean I should know, I am no stranger to being a passenger on one of these rides, but never have I been to driver! The breathing turned to moans, very satisfying for the driver!

Rubber knickers removed, I got to work, the moans got louder and she was grinding her hips exquisitely. I let him take over, simply so I could observe a professional at work.
I learnt a lot.

Latex gloves were next. He wore one and I wore the other. We then decided to see how many fingers we could get inside her. I had four and he also had four at one stage, another fascinating lesson in the woman's anatomy.

She came eventually and seemed to enjoy having so many fingers bring her to climax. I think I like making a woman come, it is remarkably satisfying!

Later she had a work call to make, so we decided to amuse ourselves and fuck quietly on the bed, another first. I came while she was discussing something about 'taking the whip hand in the situation'...
Very apt I think you will agree!

Monday, 27 February 2012

A series of firsts... Part two

Now usually I get untied quickly, and the fondling starts but this time there was no hurry. I asked. I was denied, but it being my pink cuffs, I found a way out anyway. This was soon rectified with rope, and Bordeux has learnt that I need a strong knot, to be honest I think he might have been proving a point, but it certainly worked!

Legs were also untied, and then irritatingly retied so I was knelt on the sofa, bent over the back if the chair. I say irritatingly because there was no way it was going to be easy to come with my knickers still on and now no way of getting them off. Don't get me wrong, I love rope!

Then there was a text from our earwitness. 'make her wait'. As if they needed prompting. So with no use of my eyes, I couldn't really see what was going on, but only know that there was pleasure being had without me, occasionally there was a cock stuffed into my mouth, or a fondle, or perhaps the smack of a paddle in my rubber clad ass.

More frustration.

Another text 'still on conference call, please make her wait.' seriously... Who is this guy, I was beginning to hate him.

To pass the time they decided to make my ass red, really red, and for amusement thought that a collar and lead would keep me still. I am not a fan of the lead idea, it is rather dog-like, but she certainly found it useful. All of the above, however, caused my pussy-ache to get greater. Then the rubbers were pulled aside. I have to confess at this point my memory is vague, it could have been the lack of the sense of sight or haze of the orgasums I had, but I dot know who actually was behind me and who was infront. Needless to say I came, twice.

Although I do recollect being told to speak, to the earwitness. He was very fond of asking how I was feeling, I had limited words, but I was vocal! He was in a cab crossing London bridge, I came, he asked for a receipt from the taxi driver, a first as I have never come on the phone before, it was a distracting experience.

Then it was her turn....

Sunday, 26 February 2012

A series of firsts

After much emailing back and forth, I arrived in the rather trendy east London hotel. He let me know via text what room they were in, and I nervously knocked on the door.
I was greeted by Bordeaux in his usual confidant manner, but this time I was more nervous of her than him.

She has an air of confidence about her that is sexy and intimidating. I had barely entered the room when I was ordered off to the bathroom to refresh. I was told I only had 10 minutes to sort myself out, adding to my nerves.

Rubber girdle pants, stockings and black bra was all I left the bathroom in and straight away I was blindfold, a stat I would find myself in for most of the evening. I sat, my legs were tied to the sofa legs, arms in cuffs behind my back and then I was 'ready'.

I had no idea of what the rush was about, I had a feeling someone might be joining us which gave my already aching pussy a little flutter. It turns out we were not going to receive a guest but the time schedule was for our earwitness!

A man I have never met wanted to know exactly how I was feeling, how I was tied and how horny I was. My power of description failed me. I stammered over my words and found explaining what I felt like hard. But this was just my warm up....

To be continued.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A snowy story

I was sent this story, by a man who saw a photo of me. I don't know his proper name, but I enjoyed the story none-the-less. So with his permission, here it is!

... She was trudging through the snow covered back garden wearing the most inappropriate clothing...

She wore a bikini, aquamarine blue, halter neck... Sunglasses, that on closer examination were totally concealling... Her ankles were hobbled by thick coarse rope that meant she could not stride out her long elegant legs.

Across her shoulders was a thick and obviously weighty piece of wood. Her wrists were tied to each end, and the rough rope round her neck held it up there too.

It was early in the ordeal and she was strong, stood upright and proud.

He led her to the middle of where the lawn would be, near the sundial plinth, and tied the hobble rope to an anchor rope round the stone. Scooping up up a handful of snow he took the halter neck top, and dropped a handful of snow into the left cup. She swore and he muttered... Stuffing more snow into the other cup. In time the snow would melt, but for now her tits were mishshapen, lumpen... She knew the same would happen with the bottoms and it did... She was shaking now... top heavy with the log on he shoulders... And then the first of the snowballs hit her.

In minutes it was over... She was on her knees, head pressed into the snow, arse in the air, and the red soles of the louboutins shining out ridiculously, like a warning sign.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kink on the silver screen

I really can't stand Keria Knightly I think it is the pout mixed with her shocking one face acting abilities, but the promise of seeing her in rope being flogged will mean that I will be venturing to the cinema to see A Dangerous Method very soon!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Feeling horny

So I thought i would write a blog post, not the same thing but its good to talk sometimes! Especially when I can just turn to a flatmate and say 'oh I have a need to be tied, fucked and punished' not sure how well that would go down, over Sunday lunch!

I recently got a message from a freak on one of those kink-dating sites. I hate them, I really do. There is a distinct lack of decent men there, although some are nice, there are so many weirdos! I am looking for a man who is intelligent, has a decent job and will take care of me. Not someone who opens with 'you will do' or other such flippant comments. The best messages are the ones that don't even relate back to kink, and they are very few and far between. I think one knows that the messages that only contain kink are the ones to avoid.

I am trying EHarmony for dates. Nice gentlemen, but will I ever be fulfilled sexually if I choose a man like that? That is what I don't know, but it is always fun trying. As I have said before, I love dates!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

His bark is not worse than his bite!

A while ago, during the wonderful post orgasmic stage, while we were lying in bed Bordeaux and I were talking about what had just gone on. We were discussing how he had tied me, wrists behind my back and on my knees and ankles to wrists, put a blindfold on in the form of bondage tape that matched my rubber suspender pants brilliantly (or would of I could see the combination together). He then processed to circle me, grope me and finally cum all over me but after begging for a little attention, he quickly untied me and the next thing I knew was that I was cumming on top of him.
So I was then telling him how his bark was worse than his bite. This turned out be be a big mistake... Huge infact!

He decided to silently correct me. Without knowing what was going on in his delightfully sadistic mind, I was sitting tied both front and back to, what he called, a piece of sex furniture that was perfect for what he had in mind. He started off by binding my whole body in a rope harness, perfectly symmetrical. Then attached ropes to the front, my ankles to the front legs, with legs apart, wrists behind my back and then they were tied off to the back of the stool-come-sex device.

I was not going anywhere, then came the ball gag. He doesn't usually use gags, only when he is trying to prove a point, so I knew that something was coming. Then he got the nipple clamps out, both sets. I am usually ok with nipple clamps, but when the are pulled off, with no room for manoeuvre, it hurts, a lot. Then when the process is repeated, it hurts even more. And for a third time. There was a reason I was wearing the gag.

Then all he said was..."so, is my bark really worse than my bite?"