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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A series of firsts... Part three

It being a series of firsts, I should probably describe one of the firsts. He wanted me to pleasure her. I have enjoyed touching and fondling pussy before, especially hers, but never quite eaten one.
First I started to nibble, while she still had her rubber black and white frilly knickers. It seemed to do the trick!
With a man you know one is doing a good job, the results speak for themselves, but with a woman, the results are altogether more vocal. It starts with breathing, I mean I should know, I am no stranger to being a passenger on one of these rides, but never have I been to driver! The breathing turned to moans, very satisfying for the driver!

Rubber knickers removed, I got to work, the moans got louder and she was grinding her hips exquisitely. I let him take over, simply so I could observe a professional at work.
I learnt a lot.

Latex gloves were next. He wore one and I wore the other. We then decided to see how many fingers we could get inside her. I had four and he also had four at one stage, another fascinating lesson in the woman's anatomy.

She came eventually and seemed to enjoy having so many fingers bring her to climax. I think I like making a woman come, it is remarkably satisfying!

Later she had a work call to make, so we decided to amuse ourselves and fuck quietly on the bed, another first. I came while she was discussing something about 'taking the whip hand in the situation'...
Very apt I think you will agree!

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