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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Anal slut

So it turns out I am an anal slut! I found this out yesterday, when he came over and only used my arse. I was used first there a couple of years ago, it is the ultimate submission I think. It has progressed recently and I actually enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts like hell, but it is very hot. Especially when I am not able to cum normally. Being tied, hooded and fucked in the arse without anyone touching my pussy has a way of making me feel very used. He came in my arse. The grunts said it all. So satisfying when I make someone cum like that, yet so humiliating.

I did cum eventually, left a pool on my sitting room floor. He plugged my arse, I think the next thing is to go out with a plugged arse, it would be exceptionally humiliating but very arousing.

I have free time on my hands at the moment, it means I am watching far too much porn! My mind is going into overdrive. Not healthy. I fear this might end me up in a bit of trouble... to be continued! 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


So it turns out, when I am told I am not allowed to cum it makes me very wet. I have never really tried denial, I am certainly interested. When he said I was not to cum until we next met it drove me crazy. Suddenly I was searching every site, watching every bit of porn and obsessed with my cunt. I mean seriously obsessed. My knickers have been constantly wet for days. I have been more than distracted! I am not sure I can wait till we next meet, my pussy need attention... now! 


So I have cum... I have been allowed as long as I practiced a little self bondage. I did so willingly, however it was a little strange! The itch has certainly been scratched though. It is a massive relief, and I am hugely greatful, honestly feel like I can get on with my life! Crazy how built up I was! I had a little squirt too! 

Saturday, 21 January 2017


I am back in London, working on my kink excitement for the year. So far it has not been bad, could certainly use more... could always use more. I have been living abroad, as some of you know, this proved difficult in places, mainly because my sex life took a nose dive. 
This is probably why I am going to work so hard at finding more fun, really spending time on pleasing and polishing my sex drive! 
Anyway, the point of the post... I am reminiscing back to some fun that I had while living abroad. This was with a work colleague. There had been flirtation for a while, nothing we acted on until one day when he came to my office and insisted I follow him to the stationary cupboard. Naturally I willingly followed. More interested to see where this would lead, than anything else. 
The cupboard at work is not a glamorous venue to deliver a blow job, but it is exciting. We both got exceptionally turned on, I got on my knees, worked hard and it didn't take long. Later in the week he repaid the favour, up in his 30th floor apartment looking over the city. Not kinky sex by any means, not sure how into that he is, but he is very well endowed and could use his tongue admiringly, with good consequences! 
Let's hope I have more to write about soon.