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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Assholes and pervs

Just a little moan about the whole 'internet dating' thing.

You talk, you exchange details, you exchange kinky thoughts and desires, you get excited about the meeting then he turns around last minute and expalins he is married!

As I said before, assholes and pervs.

[moan over]

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Slut-bags of South London

I was out last night drinking cocktails with some friends from work, and we found ourselves in a bar that is frequented by the women i fondly like to call the 'Slut-bags of South London!'

These women are truly a worrying breed. They leave the house on a Friday / Saturday night (and often a weekday night too) with the sole desire to get the their drinks bought all night for them by men who want to get into their knickers.

You can spot these women a mile off, they usually wear very bad hair extensions, have bad fake nails and tiny little dresses with very high heels. They smell of cheap perfume mixed with cigarettes and red bull. These women spend the night looking, they look around the room for the next poor unsuspecting man, they look fro their cloned mates and they look for other girls who are not so dolled up and who will make them feel a little better about themselves.

Now I have been known to be a bit of a slut-bag, but I like to keep my sluttiness to the comfort of the bedroom, I am not one to flaunt it in such a public manner. I say down with the slut-bags, they are a breed that should be wiped out of South London, no, they should be wiped out of the country for good.

Rant over x

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Chairs are great things, they are accommodating to ones behind, they offer rest when required, they can be part of a rooms furnishings and often add the finishing touches to a room..... and they are fantastic anchor points for being tied to!

I was sat down, my hands were put in cuffs and tied to the bottom part of the chair, at the back - tight, I tested them and they really were tight. My ankles were also cuffed and tied to the bottom of the chair, again i tested them and there was no escape - Pinot ties his knots very well. As a finishing touch, just to let me know that I was not going anywhere, as if i needed reminding, Pinot tied a piece of rope at my knee, fed it around the back of the chair and to the other knee, pulling particularly tight before tying it off at the back of the chair.

I started to get wet, really wet, tied as i was I could not even rub my thighs together. So Pinot decided to abuse his situation and let me stew, I complained at this blatant torment of my arousal and he get the ball gag, he held it to my mouth (not before covering it in my own juices) and forced it between my teeth.

So here I was, gagged, bound and ruining this lovely little chair with my juices - but to be fair it wasn't my fault - it was Pinot's fault and he relished in his handiwork.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Damn weather

I was promised snow, lots of it. Enough of it that would allow a snow day. All I get is a little flurry and a bit hassle on London's transport system! This is not fair. I am now going to sulk a little and perhaps stamp my foot!
What... behaving like a brat... so punish me! (I wish, now that would be a good way to spend a day off!)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dom, really?

So, after the shambles that was last night I thought that I would give a few clues as to what I beleive a true Dom is or isnt (in the case of Shiraz!)
1. A true dominanat enjoys to take charge of any situation, strip a woman naked and take charge of all aspects of a submitting woman!
2. A true dominant enjoys using rope and actually knows how to tie a simple knot, or a simple pair of wrist cuffs - i mean really, how hard can it be? (In the case of Shiraz, very)
3. A true dominant can actually sustain an erection long enough to fuck a submissive sensless - I dont ask for much in life!
4. A true dominant enjoys making a woman helpless and then using her as he wishes
5. FInally, a true dominant will fuck a woman, tie a woman and take her as he wishes without having to be asked.

To sum it up, last night was a real let down. I now have to start my search again for the ultimate Dom, someone who actually knows what he is doing, not a guy to beleives that lightly spanking my ass classes him as dominanat! Oh dear!