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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Black and blue

Is the colour of my ass! I had not done what he wanted the previous evening so he decided to spank me. First I was asked to get a gag, but I dithered, note to self, don't dither! I got a remind of what to do in the form of a slap around the face. I hurried off to get the gag. Then I was bent over his knee and spanked, really really hard! 100 spanks and it really hurt! 
The joy of him is he loves to eat pussy, and he does it really well! Really well! So the afternoon ended up with both of us a naked dirty mess, after many orgasums, lots of hot sex and a very sore pussy and ass. 
The best way to spend an afternoon in my opinion! 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The office

As soon as I rang the buzzer I was nervous. Last time we met he slapped me so hard I heard ringing in my ear... I knew he was bad news but here I was, standing outside his office in the pouring rain. He buzzed me in, I opened the door and walked the two flights of stairs nervously. 
As soon as I was in the door he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall and kissed me... Mmmmmm! 
Then without a word he took me to his office, bland, soulless with four walls and a big desk. The lack of personality surprised me, but then he continually surprises me! He had me kneel and blow him off... I had been waiting to do this for a while, he tasted as good as I thought. Then he said he had to make a call, so I knelt at his feet. I am not usually one to kneel at a mans feet but he has a way of asking that makes it hard to say no. 
After that he dragged me up by my hair, bent me over his desk and after a light spanking rimmed me, then threw me to the floor and licked me until I came, repeatedly! And FYI, he can lick like a lesbian! 
When he was done, he came on my ass and threw me some napkins to sort myself out. 
I was used and dirty and I had a very satisfied feeling when we walked back out of the office, into the rain, looking for that drink he promised!