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Sunday, 20 February 2011


I love aching, aching from sex in particular is a great kind of ache.
Aching from having the spreader bar tied to my feet then legs pulled tight above my head to the bed head.
Aching from having my arms pulled behind my back and attached to a chair.
Aching from having my corset pulled so tightly.
Aching from having my clit rubbed so hard I became totally oversensitive and couldn't come anymore .... which never happens!
Aching from having my arms pulled over my head and tied tight.
Aching from having my pussy rammed over and over.
And aching from riding him.

As I said I love aching because it just reminds me of what happened on the previous evening!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I am currently really wanting sex. I am lying in my beautiful bed, alone and just desiring to be touched, fondled, played with and kissed. I want to be naked and explored, devoured and desired. I want to suck and lick and be flicked and fucked. I want to orgasm until there is nothing left to give.

Just thought I would share my wanting...... Lets hope I get what I want soon!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Bring your sadistic twin

I had texted him and said that I was horny as hell and in need of rope. So he said that he would bring along his sadistic twin, which he did. I greeted him at the door and without a word we went to the bedroom. He tied my arms, put a rope on my collar and tied it to the bottom of the bed so that I couldn't move from my knees. He then gave my ass a good seeing to. And again without words he attached my nipple clamps onto my delicate pussy lips.

After all this treatment, I came, really really hard. It didn't take long.

The afternoon we along in a similar manner. Me being tied, frog-tie, breast tie (which we worked out made my unsensitive nipples a lot more sensitive!) and many other interesting positions. Then he went down on me, while I was tied in an uncomfortable manner to my own bed. Arms up, legs to each other and fully exposed. This way, after many mind-blowing orgasm's, I managed to come again, and this time I squirted all over my sheets. Brilliant.

After forcing his cock in my mouth before I was allowed to get rid of him, I knew that his sadistic twin had visited that afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed his company!