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Sunday, 15 January 2012

His bark is not worse than his bite!

A while ago, during the wonderful post orgasmic stage, while we were lying in bed Bordeaux and I were talking about what had just gone on. We were discussing how he had tied me, wrists behind my back and on my knees and ankles to wrists, put a blindfold on in the form of bondage tape that matched my rubber suspender pants brilliantly (or would of I could see the combination together). He then processed to circle me, grope me and finally cum all over me but after begging for a little attention, he quickly untied me and the next thing I knew was that I was cumming on top of him.
So I was then telling him how his bark was worse than his bite. This turned out be be a big mistake... Huge infact!

He decided to silently correct me. Without knowing what was going on in his delightfully sadistic mind, I was sitting tied both front and back to, what he called, a piece of sex furniture that was perfect for what he had in mind. He started off by binding my whole body in a rope harness, perfectly symmetrical. Then attached ropes to the front, my ankles to the front legs, with legs apart, wrists behind my back and then they were tied off to the back of the stool-come-sex device.

I was not going anywhere, then came the ball gag. He doesn't usually use gags, only when he is trying to prove a point, so I knew that something was coming. Then he got the nipple clamps out, both sets. I am usually ok with nipple clamps, but when the are pulled off, with no room for manoeuvre, it hurts, a lot. Then when the process is repeated, it hurts even more. And for a third time. There was a reason I was wearing the gag.

Then all he said was..."so, is my bark really worse than my bite?"

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