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Monday, 16 April 2012

Amusing message

I just received this message on a kinky site, so amusing I felt I had to share!

Your face is for recognition; I slap it. Your mouth is for speaking; I spit in it.

Your hair is for brushing; I pull it.

Your ear is for listening; I bite it.

Your hands try to protect; I tie them.

Your lungs expand your ribs as you inhale deep; I crack your ribs with my fist.

The floor is for walking; I pull you across it by your hair.

Your knees are for kneeling; I force you to your knees.

Your lips are for kissing; fuck that for now, I pull my cock out and smear it across them.

Your throat is for swallowing; I choke it.

Your airways are tight; You choke,; you drool, you try to breath through your nose.

I intend to hurt your mouth, hurting it is my sole purpose as I thrust away at your mouth as if hurting it was the reason for it existing; perhaps it is.


For more, all you have to do is reply with a memo saying 'scum'.

Nice meeting you

Delightful! Is it too much to ask for a gentleman who enjoys a little kink! Plainly it is!

Oh well, at least it makes for a funny read!

1 comment:

  1. For some people, dirty talking has a way of making them feel more aroused and reach a different level of orgasm. Your example is a bit harsh, though. ama profesional barcelona