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Sunday, 5 December 2010

4 hands are definatly better than 2!

Well after my apprehension I realised that I really there was nothing to be apprehensive about. Yesterday evening was fantastic. On entering K's apartment there was a moment when I thought 'what am I doing here?' The chat started civillay enough, with bubbles and wine, I started to relax. Then the talk got sexy and finally K said 'I think we should take Kinky upstairs and I should massage her'. Sounds easy enough. So my dress was taken off me, leaving me in an under-the-bust corset, suspenders and stockings. A lace bra and knickers finished off the look. K was impressed. I lay front first onto the bed and Bordeaux couldn't help tieing my hands together and to the large bed and my feet apart and to opposite sides of the bed. So there I was, tied and she then started to tease me, mercilessly. I was so bloody hot anyway thanks to the train ride to get there and waiting around, and then meeting K, who is very sexy! If it was just Bordeaux then I know that I would have been fine, he cant really resist, but it turns out that K has a lot more self restraint, and with me restrained all I could do was beg. She must have massaged every part of my body without really getting close to my now wet pussy. And that just made me more desperate for it.
After what must have been hours I was finally released and allowed to join in, which I did. I enjoyed exploring K's body as much as she did mine. Bordeaux was more of an accessory in our game, but after such play it did not take long for them both to make me come, not once but twice. The second time I had my nipples clamped and my hands in cuffs tied to the bed. I was not going anywhere, and I didn't really want to!
But what felt really good was when K got her turn and I used her glass dido (I need to get me one of those!) to good use while she saw to Bordeaux's ever growing cock.

I was sad to leave through the snow, but we managed to amuse ourselves on the train home, finishing a great night with a great train ride! CCTV on the train would be an interesting view for someone!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Nervous anticipation..

I have agreed to meet an old kinky friend tomorrow and he has arranged to have a threesome, my first. I am rather apprehensive about doing this, I have never been with a woman and while it was my idea, I think I had just had a mind blowing orgasm when I mentioned it to him and didn't really think that anything would materialise!
Don't get me wrong, I did suggest it and I am excited, but I am nervous and a little self conscious about being with a woman! Sounds silly as I am usually confident but suddenly I am feeling strange about being naked and exposed in front of a woman I don't know.
I have heard she has bought latex sheets for the occasion, and I am taking my new pink ball gag, cuffs and collar, so I know it will be kinky enough for my liking!
Saying all of that, I may not even get to hers as the big freeze has set in and train operators are deciding to cut transport. I will let you know how we get on, I am sure I will have lots of tales to tell!