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Monday, 16 April 2012

Amusing message

I just received this message on a kinky site, so amusing I felt I had to share!

Your face is for recognition; I slap it. Your mouth is for speaking; I spit in it.

Your hair is for brushing; I pull it.

Your ear is for listening; I bite it.

Your hands try to protect; I tie them.

Your lungs expand your ribs as you inhale deep; I crack your ribs with my fist.

The floor is for walking; I pull you across it by your hair.

Your knees are for kneeling; I force you to your knees.

Your lips are for kissing; fuck that for now, I pull my cock out and smear it across them.

Your throat is for swallowing; I choke it.

Your airways are tight; You choke,; you drool, you try to breath through your nose.

I intend to hurt your mouth, hurting it is my sole purpose as I thrust away at your mouth as if hurting it was the reason for it existing; perhaps it is.


For more, all you have to do is reply with a memo saying 'scum'.

Nice meeting you

Delightful! Is it too much to ask for a gentleman who enjoys a little kink! Plainly it is!

Oh well, at least it makes for a funny read!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A proposal

"As required, I am going to make a proposal for an assignation," I began.

"There is a date that springs to mind. My proposal is that we meet in the afternoon at a suitably central location, enjoy a drink in unassuming surroundings and take the party to a room with some convenient sex furniture, he knows the one of which I am thinking.

"She will have laid out some implements on the bed, she will then decide on whom to use them. I know she enjoys planning, so the rest I leave to her. Being unsure of what implements she has, I cannot elaborate any further."

No-one responded.

I certainly sensed I needed to do more; "I made a proposal and have not heard anything. Clearly my proposal was not deemed satisfactory. Would more details work?"

She simply replied that she liked detail.

So I sent this;

"Details, well I shall have to be creative then.

"On arriving at the room, you select the required implements from your vast collection, he sets about creating an aesthetically pleasing rope harness on yours truly. This is then followed by more rope (well if it is my proposal there is bound to be lots of rope!) to tie off my hands behind my back, and legs. Immobile, I am then placed in a corner, possibly hooded so that one can't see, then perhaps a challenge is set. To obtain something? Or to perform a task? I am unsure of the fine details currently."