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Monday, 31 December 2012

My kink-list for 2013

As it is the last day of 2012, and thanks to some people I am currently very horny, ad seem to have kink permanently on the brain... I thought I would write about it.

Most people write lists of things they want to achieve in the new year, like loose weight or get a promotion, my list is a little more one-track-minded...

1. Wake up still tied from the night before
2. Try more extreme bondage
3. Squirt further and more
4. Try out a hired dungeon
5. Go on a kinky holiday, or just a holiday filled with a lot of kink and sex!
6. Try more hoods and gags
7. Perfect the art of the blowjob, with hands tied behind my back!
8. Be less feisty
9. Have sex at least twice a month, preferably a lot more
10. Cook a romantic dinner for two, cuffed wearing just an apron!

So there it is, I shall see if I can complete my list by the end of the year, hopefully I can! Happy new year everyone xx

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