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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hoods and hooks

I arrived at his and he said he had a surprise for me. He had bought a new hood ad wanted to try it out. The last time I wore one of these it was my first time ever in bondage and it was too much too soon, I was unsure this time, but I trusted him. What I didn't know was that it had padlocks, so I couldn't take it off. With ankles and wrists bound, he then attached rather visions nipple clamps, and then said he had an appointment to attend to. So left me on his sitting room floor, bound as I was, and told me to stay put. The nipple clamps stung, but there was not a lot I could do about it.
The feeling was blissful, I sort of floated there for a while in my own bondage heaven, although I didn't admit this to him! After a while i got impatient. The wrist bindings were easy to get out of, due to my thin wrists, and soon I was sitting without the clamps and wrists free on his sofa.
He was back within 10 minutes and rather displeased to see me partially freed! I felt a little smug, but there was no removing of my hood, snug as it was. I was beginning to enjoy the experience. He moved me to his door, lashed the hood to something and there I remind.
I came hard like this, squirting over his wooden floor (he really has an ability to make me make a mess). He then proceeded to play with my body, taking me through a journey of sensations, using his hand, my flat shoe and a pin wheel. At one point he bit so hard on my breast that he left a lasting mark. I came again.
Then he decided to use his anal hook, being a novice to anal play I was a little unsure. It hurt and I begged for him to take it out, which he did. I just don't think i am ready for this particular toy quite yet. He soothed me and then took me through bliss again building to another squirt.
I was taken through many sensations that day and as I looked over my body, at the various marks he made, the following morning in the shower, I was reminded just how much I want to see him again.

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