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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Used... Thoroughly

It has been a while but after my week I felt I should rekindle the blog. What an enjoyable few days I have had. After moving away to a place it is hard (but not impossible) to get a good bit of kink to satisfy my needs, I came back for a visit to my one love, London. I let certain kinky enthusiasts know of my arrival and my first was a blast from the past. He had been my first taste of rope and kink and it felt wonderful to enjoy his excellent skills again. An afternoon was spent in a hotel, surrounded by white rope and lots of fucking ensued. The best way to spend an afternoon in my opinion. He fucked all my holes and left me with a red ass. Ass play is recent for me and something that I really rather enjoy, he was more than happy to oblige. 
I put on my summer dress and, after saying goodbye, I left to join girlfriends for dinner. They were unaware that just a coupled hours previously I had been tied to a bed and fucked up the ass, and enjoyed it. 

The next day I made my way to the opposite side of London, to visit Him. A man with similar tastes to my own. He, unlike the other man, pushes me to my limits, and I love it! I have tested him before, seeing what he is willing to do to me and how far he can push me, he knows how greedy I am and enjoys (well I hope he does) being the sadistic Dom. 
I arrived, we kissed and that is where his tenderness stopped, for the time being. He locked my hands in cable ties, which are very uncomfortable when my hands were tied to the top if the door, he made me turn around, nose facing door, while I held his wallet to the door with my nose. This was not easy as I was quivering all over with anticipation. When he is in the moment he is quite honestly scary, taking none of my shit. He then best my ass with the most awful if crops, the lines on my ass today are to show for it. It hurt, a lot. But my pussy gave me away. What happened next was a bit of a blur, he made me cum a good few times, he made me hurt, he hooded me and used me, he took my ass again, he dominated me in a most delicious way.

Finally, both of us spent we went out for dinner, my ass sore as I rode a bike. His tender side came out and he was once more a gentleman. 

After enjoying a meal, we headed back and sat in his garden, we drank a bottle of wine in the garden, I cursed that it was so overlooked, which meant we couldn't play out there. I pictured myself staked out on his grass, left there to stew for a few hours in my own submissive heaven. We retuned inside and the conversation of when I last played came up. I admitted it was the previous day, he did not like that, he did not like that someone else had taken my ass. So I knew I would suffer. He then blindfolded me with the most judicious of hoods. Then he went to work again on my ass. Yet again my pussy reacted. Why do I love his sadistic side so much? Why does it turn me on? Then came the hooks, the one in my pussy was not so bad, he thatched it to the collar around my neck. I hate collars, they do do something to me though, make me feel owned, and in the moment he certainly owned me. Then he played with my ass, I had no idea what he put in there but I was to later find out it was another hook. It had a very large and painful ball on the end, which really hurt going in, after a while the pain subsided and he locked that to my collar too. I then made the mistake of saying the pussy hook might fall out, this was rectified when he tightened it, causing me to double over to stop the stretch on my pubic bone. I was owned. I started to drift off into some other place, my hands locked to the chains that held me. He filled all of my holes when he forced his stiff cock in my mouth. There was no way  I was going anywhere. All too soon I was released, his tender side coming out again. This is what I find frustrating, sadistic to tender in the flick of a switch, sometime I just want to stew in my own submissive haze for an hour or two, but I was released, and we headed to bed, I left my cable ties around my wrists, as a reminder of what I am when I am at his house, one day I hope he leaves me tied to his bed to sleep, the frustration would be fantastic. 

The next day I was woken with his cock, half asleep I gave a blowjob, not my best work admittedly. Then he got me out of bed and tied me to his banisters, gagged me (oh how I love to be gagged) and fucked me over the banisters. 
Then he moved me to the stairs, and fucked my ass until we both came in a panting mess. Leaving me to come down he ran a bath. Is it wrong that I just want to be left, tied securely, to watch him take a bath, making me know what and who I truly am? While he pushes me to my limits I always seem to want more. 

He made me breakfast and we enjoyed some normal chat, well he talked and I listened which is what mostly happens! Then, before lunch I once again found myself gagged, hooded and left while he took a work call. After lunch we said our goodbyes in the driving British summer rain. I am not sure when I will see him again but I know that my ass is off limits to anyone but him, and that will keep me wet for a while! Especially the thought of what he will do if he finds out another has used what is his!