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Sunday, 26 February 2012

A series of firsts

After much emailing back and forth, I arrived in the rather trendy east London hotel. He let me know via text what room they were in, and I nervously knocked on the door.
I was greeted by Bordeaux in his usual confidant manner, but this time I was more nervous of her than him.

She has an air of confidence about her that is sexy and intimidating. I had barely entered the room when I was ordered off to the bathroom to refresh. I was told I only had 10 minutes to sort myself out, adding to my nerves.

Rubber girdle pants, stockings and black bra was all I left the bathroom in and straight away I was blindfold, a stat I would find myself in for most of the evening. I sat, my legs were tied to the sofa legs, arms in cuffs behind my back and then I was 'ready'.

I had no idea of what the rush was about, I had a feeling someone might be joining us which gave my already aching pussy a little flutter. It turns out we were not going to receive a guest but the time schedule was for our earwitness!

A man I have never met wanted to know exactly how I was feeling, how I was tied and how horny I was. My power of description failed me. I stammered over my words and found explaining what I felt like hard. But this was just my warm up....

To be continued.

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