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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


What makes me squirt with him more than anyone else?

We went and had another nice meal together, I wore a floaty summer dress and he commented on how it was very demure and innocent, he later said how I was not at all innocent, with come around my mouth and down my breasts and smudged makeup, but at lunch, I was!

Going back to his to watch the Olympics, I should have known he had other plans! I had previously told him how I was able to wriggle out of anything, so after putting cuffs on my wrists, he added a lot of bondage tape, point proven!
Hands above my head, blindfold on, he attached nipple clamps, got out his paddle and in the process made me seriously wet. Then with skillful fingers he made me come, and didn't let up. I made a big mess of his hard wood floor, but later, I made a mess of his carpet, his sofa and his shirt (well it was under me at the time!)
His fingers have the ability to make me squirt, a lot, and with my insatiable appetite for coming, I am now feeling wrung out but content.

I look forward to round two!

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