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Monday, 27 February 2012

A series of firsts... Part two

Now usually I get untied quickly, and the fondling starts but this time there was no hurry. I asked. I was denied, but it being my pink cuffs, I found a way out anyway. This was soon rectified with rope, and Bordeux has learnt that I need a strong knot, to be honest I think he might have been proving a point, but it certainly worked!

Legs were also untied, and then irritatingly retied so I was knelt on the sofa, bent over the back if the chair. I say irritatingly because there was no way it was going to be easy to come with my knickers still on and now no way of getting them off. Don't get me wrong, I love rope!

Then there was a text from our earwitness. 'make her wait'. As if they needed prompting. So with no use of my eyes, I couldn't really see what was going on, but only know that there was pleasure being had without me, occasionally there was a cock stuffed into my mouth, or a fondle, or perhaps the smack of a paddle in my rubber clad ass.

More frustration.

Another text 'still on conference call, please make her wait.' seriously... Who is this guy, I was beginning to hate him.

To pass the time they decided to make my ass red, really red, and for amusement thought that a collar and lead would keep me still. I am not a fan of the lead idea, it is rather dog-like, but she certainly found it useful. All of the above, however, caused my pussy-ache to get greater. Then the rubbers were pulled aside. I have to confess at this point my memory is vague, it could have been the lack of the sense of sight or haze of the orgasums I had, but I dot know who actually was behind me and who was infront. Needless to say I came, twice.

Although I do recollect being told to speak, to the earwitness. He was very fond of asking how I was feeling, I had limited words, but I was vocal! He was in a cab crossing London bridge, I came, he asked for a receipt from the taxi driver, a first as I have never come on the phone before, it was a distracting experience.

Then it was her turn....

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