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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kinky cities

I have just been away on a fantastic city break to a beautiful city; Prague. There are stunning castles, cathedrals, hotels and buildings. We saw some amazing bridges, went on great tours of the city but the thing that got me really excited was the dungeon.

I think that I have a real problem with discovering the kink in everything I see! The photos are evidence of my great fascination with dungeons, old methods of restraint and a small amount of sadistic pleasure!

The fine craftmanship of some of these methods of restraint is great, if it wasnt for all the tourists and families wanering around the dungeon I could have easily slipped a shackle on and had some fun..... maybe next time?!

Monday, 5 April 2010


I am finding it increasingly difficult to attract men who are unattached, I am not looking to be someones but on the side, I want some wholly and fully. I want someone to wake up and want to fuck no-one else but me, to tie no-one else but me! I don't want to share my dominant, I want to have him all to myself. I think only then will I be able to submit fully, currently there will be no submiting, only a little fun while I look for my dominant!

So if you know of anyone who lives in London and is looking for a sub and is not married or in a relationship then please do let me know.