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Saturday, 11 February 2012

A snowy story

I was sent this story, by a man who saw a photo of me. I don't know his proper name, but I enjoyed the story none-the-less. So with his permission, here it is!

... She was trudging through the snow covered back garden wearing the most inappropriate clothing...

She wore a bikini, aquamarine blue, halter neck... Sunglasses, that on closer examination were totally concealling... Her ankles were hobbled by thick coarse rope that meant she could not stride out her long elegant legs.

Across her shoulders was a thick and obviously weighty piece of wood. Her wrists were tied to each end, and the rough rope round her neck held it up there too.

It was early in the ordeal and she was strong, stood upright and proud.

He led her to the middle of where the lawn would be, near the sundial plinth, and tied the hobble rope to an anchor rope round the stone. Scooping up up a handful of snow he took the halter neck top, and dropped a handful of snow into the left cup. She swore and he muttered... Stuffing more snow into the other cup. In time the snow would melt, but for now her tits were mishshapen, lumpen... She knew the same would happen with the bottoms and it did... She was shaking now... top heavy with the log on he shoulders... And then the first of the snowballs hit her.

In minutes it was over... She was on her knees, head pressed into the snow, arse in the air, and the red soles of the louboutins shining out ridiculously, like a warning sign.

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