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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little Red and her Wolf

I will never again be able to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood without thinking dirty thoughts... oh great, is there nothing left that is sacred.

Monday, 16 May 2011


I am very confused and needed to share with someone, so thought that I would share with my trusty blog. I am confused and hurt. I thought that we had fun, connected and shared some fantastic kink and I thought that we would share more. But alas it was not to be and I am left feeling a little bemused at the whole thing.

All it takes is a little communication, I just hate being left to guess what someone might be thinking. I am a person too with feelings and even though I am outwardly strong, things sometimes rest uneasily on my heart.

Lets hope that I one day find someone who will want to communicate with me and share experience, more than just once! Until that time I suppose I shall just have to carry on enjoying life.

There... that's better, thanks for the offload little blog! I promise I shall be back soon with more exciting tales of kink!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I hate not getting my own way...

And Brut knew this and totally exploited it. He said no to me, then made sure I knew who was boss... and I kind of loved it!

It was a great evening, in a trendy bar in Central London, with lots of gorgeous people around drinking expensive drinks. Brut leaned over and gave me a long lingering kiss, he then whispered in my ear that we should leave and go back to mine. So being the kind of girl I am, I made a dash for the exit with him in tow and we got back to mine in record time!

Brut had been listening to me moan about not being tied tightly, or certain guys being a little crap with their rope skills, so he decided to prove a point. And he did this by using as much rope as he could get his hands on. He managed to prove his point, and when he had me begging for it he simply gagged me and left me to stew a little longer.

He eventually made me cum, hard, but I really wanted a good fuck. Which he denied me. Then when I thought that I would get a good morning fuck, he once again tied me, this time in a tight hogtie and left me to stew. Again I didn't get me own way, begged and moaned a bit and he gagged me with a light ring gag and left me. Not a fuck in sight... and I asked him why (well i mumbled why) and he said because I was far to used to getting my own way and I wanted it and so he wouldn't give it to me.

He really knows how to push my buttons and this is seriously irritating.... we will have to see if i can get my own way next time! I will be working on it!