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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rope, rope everywhere!

I had a very interesting experience today, I went with K to the Peer Rope workshop in London. It is the first time that I have done something like that, and for someone who thinks about bondage as much as me, I was surprised to find myself not particularly turned on. I thought that I would be like a dog on heat all afternoon, with the possibility of being tied and dominant men and rope everywhere. It was not at all like that. It was more like leaning how to tie knots, which is good but I don’t really care, it is about me being tied not learning how to tie. Saying that I did learn some good things so maybe next time I am having a little kinky sex I will have to try being a little dominant.

Saying that it was a great place to meet people, especially guys! I think I got chatting to a couple of the only half decent men there, there were some very interesting people about. There was one couple who decided to try and use all the rope they had brought and have a fairly intense looking time in the corner – it just didn’t turn me on the way I thought it would! I had my eyes out on stalks, it was a fascinating place to be and I am glad I went, I will probably go again.... maybe with one of the guys I met today!

I will keep you posted about that.....