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Monday, 28 December 2009

A quick escape for me or him?

A while back, when i was first exploring the wonderful world of kink, i met a guy. We had been chatting for a long time online, he was abroad at the time, and we shared the same desire for kink, or so i thought.

I finally agreed to meet him, and having 'known' him for so long, I felt that it would be fine to meet him and take him back to the rather empty house i was staying at, at the time. We had had a nice meal and a few bottles in the local pub, a lovely place by the river in Putney. On the way back I started to get rather excited, the thought of finally having kinky sex, finally being tied and fucked, finally being used and forced to cum. I was very wet and very excited at the prospect. We got back, it was a lovely afternoon so we opened a bottle and drank it on a rug in the garden. It was going perfectly, as I got a little drunker he started to ask me to do things, no, order me to do things. I obliged. This confused me, I never thought I was the obliging type! I did have a kind of struggle, although it was a rather pathetic attempt at an objection!

At one point in the afternoon he had me naked, kneeling on the rug and then began to spanking me, this was not what I wanted! Where were the ropes? Where were the gags? Where the he'll was the sex? I wanted to orgasm not to lie there a d be beaten, this was nit what I signed up for!

Later, while we were sitting watching some tv he pulled me close to him and started to play with my pussy. This is it, I thought, I am finally going to fet my kinky sex, I was so excited I orgasumed right there on the sofa! I quickly took charge, something I am very used to doing, and took him upstairs! He half heartedly tied me to the bed using cuffs and some rope, I was excited becasue I had never been tied before but I could tell something was missing. He was not what I had expected in a Dom. He got ontop of me and started to fuck me, I don't know what I was expecting but this was not it! To top it off it lasted all of 30 seconds! I mean really, you could have tried a little harder! Perhaps made the 1 min mark?!

Needless to say I was left feeling very deflated and rather depressed, we didn't really have eye contact after that, dinner was a nightmare it was awkward and the atmosphear had totally changed. I tried to get him to the bedroom again, I was so bloody unsatisfyed, this was not what I had signed up to, I could still be having vanilla sex if this was what it was like! my ex did something similar!

He left pretty promptly after dinner, I never really properly heard from him again, it took me a while to get my confidence back to meet another guy from the internet, but when I did it was worth it. I found myself lying on a bed, surrounded by rope with cum on my breasts have had numous orgasums, so I am please that there is a happy ending to this story, I now realise that it was a quick escap for me not him, who knows what he is doing now, but I feel sorry for whoever he is inflicting his attempt at dominating sex with, if only they knew!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Festive cheer?

The christmas text ... Is it really nessisary to send a text to your friends, some of whome you have not spoken to since last Christmas! I found myself rather annoyed when I recieved my 10th heartless text, which happened to be from my ex! I would much prefer a card, or something personal like a nice bit of oral sex culminating in an orgasum! Not a bloody text!

So far this Christmas I have received two scarfs, lots of nice face creams and a mug, not a dildo or pair of cuffs in sight, truly upsetting!

Hopefully the new year will offer more kinky surprises... A girl can dream!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Good or bad?

It is offically Christmas eve, and father Christmas is due in a few hours! This excites me more than I can say. I find myself regressing to a child once more! When speaking of this to a certain man he exclaimed...

'I think Father Christmas is likely to stick a coal-black dildo in your stocking this year, for being good at being bad.'

One can only hope!

Happy Christmas to anyone who reads this little blog of mine!


Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter wonderland

There is nothing like the falling of snow to get you in the festive spirit! also it looks like I am going to be snowed in as I can't get the car out of the drive so no work, lots of Christmas baking and festive activities to keep me occupied in the country, it's just a great shame that there are no men to make sure I keep on task! I could really use some kinky sex! Maybe next snow day eh?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Blue rope

He bought it for me because he says that the blue rope compliments my fair skin beautifully. I thought that I would show a little photo of it, such a soft rope, yet very strong. The chair also has a fatasically bondage feel to it, all the leather and metal. When tied to it it really did things to me..... so I did things to him!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Such an interesting piece of jewellry....

"Close your eyes" he said. So I obliged and held out my hands obidiently, which is a change for me but when someone says "gift" I get very excited! It was large, smooth and curved and really rather heavy. I had a good feel with my eyes closed and couldn't work out what on earth it might be. I had never held such a thing before.

I tentitivly opened my eyes and saw an interesting sight. Merlot was sitting back watching my face, he had a kind of smug look and a twinkle in his eye. I was staring down at a silver butt plug with a pointed tip and sort of handle thing. I could picture where it went but have never had such a thing up my ass, or anywhere near my ass.

I declinded politely, it wasnt for me.... this time.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

MonMouth: Ball gag misuse

MonMouth: Ball gag misuse

another fantastic post by Mon, I can picture it now.........

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sexy Underwear

I love nothing more than dressing for a man. I had chosen my tight corset and matching susender belt, my bra matched my knickers and I had the corset tied as tightly as it would go. I love this feeling. It is like being tied in tight bondage, there is nothing you can do to releive it when you have put your dress on and walked outside.

ANother thing i really love about wearing a corset is the fact that no one knows. YOu can walk down the street feeling dirty and seductive, knowing full well that under the dress is very inappropriate undergarments for a light evening in the local pub.

THe only prblem comes when sitting, my breasts are so large and made so much larger by the corset that there is no disgusiing my kinky choice of underwear. Oh well, i will have to just stand.....

Thursday, 10 December 2009

I find men a little like buses, you wait around for ages and then two come along at once! And boy do they come!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So I am sitting here with wet knickers, horny as he'll waiting for him to get my drink from the bar! L is being very annoying and refusing to come back to mine, even though I have offered him a blow job with all the trimming! To top it off I have worn a corset, my tightest one!

An hour later....
I am sitting on the train having experienced my first public display, right in the middle of borough market's closed up stalls! I was kissing him and one thing lead to another and I found myself tugging at his suit trousers and grabbing at the zip! I had his coc in my hand and was gently tugging away! Suddenly a tramp came past, lingered a while and was gone! I am not sure what he saw but the thought of someone watching really turned me on! He then wispered in my ear that it was my turn and started to finger me under our long back coals, I tried to move my arms but found that they were pinned to my side and I was unable to move without force, and after 4 white wines force was becoming difficult to find!

I begged and he stopped but this now leaves me with the predicament on which I find myself. I am sitting on a busy late tube horny as hell smelling of cunt, on my way home by myself, where I am going to have to bring our my rabbit that already has dying batteries from overuse!
What is a girl to do! Oh shit, I could really use a fuck!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Chaps know how to party!

I went to a ball at the weekend, the Chaps ball hosted by http://www.thechap.net/index.html. What a spectacular affair it was! THe men all looked utterly edible in their tweed and some in knee-buckling vintage military uniforms.

On walking into COrnway Hall I was transproted back to the 1940s. Truely fabulous. To top the night off I was offered a good fingering by a delightfully dressed lady, I declined but maybe in hindsight I was wrong......

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The start of something new

Calling all kinksters,

I am not sure who will be reading this but I thought that I would start a little blog about the wonderful and delightful world of kinky sex and my experience in this area so far.
I enjoy nothing more than to read well written blogs about sex and have decided that after Friday afternoon / evening I should write my own, with my view on kinky sex.
There are many women / submissives out there who write about their prolific experiences in this area, but I have not got as much experience and wanted to share that with whoever wants to read it!

So.. I digress... lets discuss Friday night....

I was summons to the hotel for 5 O'clock. He turned up at 5.30. I think it was his plan to leave me waiting and stirring in my own juices, of which there were many (I refrained from using my favorite toy since Sunday, at his request). As I sat in the lobby of a frightfully nice hotel in London, I thought what the hell the other guests would think. If only they could see what was under the ironed and well turned out dress, though would be in for a real treat.

He eventually turned up and checked in, all the while looking at me but giving me no indication of what was in store, making me even wetter at the prospect of what was about to come. He ushered me into the lift, fondling my ass and whispering very naughty things in my ear. By the time we got into the room I was a mess.

He asked me to shower, and considering I had come from work, I obliged. On returning to the bedroom I was handed a rather delightful glass of bubbles and we kissed. This is what I enjoy about him, the kissing and the way he whispers in my ear how dirty I am when I go straight for his jeans, trying to get at the good stuff.

I was asked to strip, I enthusiastically obliged, after all I knew that what was in store for me and I knew that it would be good, no, GREAT!

I was fondled, turned and then asked to sit down. Hang on, this was not what I wanted. I wanted a good fucking! But of course I obliged and was then asked to put my hands behind the back of the rather bondagesque chair. They were cuffed and then tied around the chair and this was how I was left, for the moment! My corset was pulled down and my breasts were played with. This got me very excited, but he then decided to stop it there and tie my legs, together. Talk about frustrating, he knew how hot I was getting. I started to protest and a red ball gag was shoved into my mouth. Now my feet were tied together as well and pulled up under the chair. And this is how I was left. I have never been so horny. He would play with me a bit, then lie back down on the bed and just watch me fight his rather good knots.

Needless to say he couldn't leave me for long. This is what I like about Merlot, I know he will give in eventually and fuck me, sometimes the cuffs stay on and the gag, but I know he will give in and when he does it is great. Friday I had some of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever. Merlot really knows how to use his tongue, he can please me again and again! That is why I love to repay him.....