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Saturday, 21 January 2017


I am back in London, working on my kink excitement for the year. So far it has not been bad, could certainly use more... could always use more. I have been living abroad, as some of you know, this proved difficult in places, mainly because my sex life took a nose dive. 
This is probably why I am going to work so hard at finding more fun, really spending time on pleasing and polishing my sex drive! 
Anyway, the point of the post... I am reminiscing back to some fun that I had while living abroad. This was with a work colleague. There had been flirtation for a while, nothing we acted on until one day when he came to my office and insisted I follow him to the stationary cupboard. Naturally I willingly followed. More interested to see where this would lead, than anything else. 
The cupboard at work is not a glamorous venue to deliver a blow job, but it is exciting. We both got exceptionally turned on, I got on my knees, worked hard and it didn't take long. Later in the week he repaid the favour, up in his 30th floor apartment looking over the city. Not kinky sex by any means, not sure how into that he is, but he is very well endowed and could use his tongue admiringly, with good consequences! 
Let's hope I have more to write about soon.