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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still wet even though the sun is out!

What a weekend I am having.

I received a little pressie the other day, it came in a brown cardboard box with no markings or suggestions as to what was inside, or where it came from. I opened it enthusiastically, and inside was a pretty box, it was colourfully striped, yet still not suggesting its contents.

Inside my mysterious package was a wonderful new vibe. It is something I have wanted for a while and mentioned to someone, so he sent me one. It is officially my new favourite toy. It plugs into the mains, so no worry with batteries (which I am always buying) and has many wonderful speeds.

I have been enjoying most nights this week. IT really is a fantastic present. It also came with some attachments, which I have not managed to try yet, but I am sure I will be giving them a go this weekend. Just thinking about it makes me a little wet!

Another reason I find myself sitting in damp knickers is the book I am reading. Kink seems to be very popular at the moment. I can't say I am surprised, I have known the merits of bondage for some years, but some people are rather slow. I read an article in the London Evening Standard the other day which proclaimed the virtues of kinky sex, and in there was a book that seems to have gone under my radar, so I purchased it and have been wet ever since. 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is an addictive read. Very sexy, a little main-stream so far but I can't put it down. I have so much work to do this weekend but have found myself glued to this book and a deck-chair on my balcony enjoying the sunshine.

What with new wands and books, it doesn't look like the work is going to get done. I need someone to tie my to my desk.... On second thoughts, no work would get done then either.