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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


So it turns out, when I am told I am not allowed to cum it makes me very wet. I have never really tried denial, I am certainly interested. When he said I was not to cum until we next met it drove me crazy. Suddenly I was searching every site, watching every bit of porn and obsessed with my cunt. I mean seriously obsessed. My knickers have been constantly wet for days. I have been more than distracted! I am not sure I can wait till we next meet, my pussy need attention... now! 


So I have cum... I have been allowed as long as I practiced a little self bondage. I did so willingly, however it was a little strange! The itch has certainly been scratched though. It is a massive relief, and I am hugely greatful, honestly feel like I can get on with my life! Crazy how built up I was! I had a little squirt too!