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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Torture Garden... another first

He suggested we go to Torture Garden for the Not New Year ball. We booked tickets and suddenly it was time to get ready to go.... time flies over the festive period! 
I opted for my leather black corset, lace knickers, stockings and suspenders belt and black bra. I have never done a fetish party before so it was time to test the water, plus I don’t own latex, leather it was! 
As we queued the nerves hit in, at the front of the line I was asked to show my outfit, lifting my dress to reveal the slutty outfit underneath felt wonderfully naughty. With a wink, I was ushered in. 
My eyes were on stalks the moment I entered, I didn’t know where to look. The outfits were incredible, the people simply beautiful. I am a sucker for beautiful people, they were everywhere. 
We did a little tour of the whole place, as we were there early, it really was a delight for the senses. A playroom that I was itching to be taken into, but just watched from the sidelines, a couples room - I will come to what happened there later, and the chill out area, not to mention the dance and performance spaces. 
We got a drink and watched a show in one of the cages, people poured in, there was so much flesh on show, it was delicious. The next few hours were spent in a bit of a blur, a highlight was when we were watching the most beautiful and sexy burlesque performer on the main stage, I found myself being touched by a familiar hand. As she was stripping, I was cumming, surrounded by hot people, in a rave. It was totally liberating. 
On my way back out to the bar I passed a very beautiful man, with a new found confidence I told him just how beautiful he was. Later he came to find me, we kissed and he led me up to the couples room. With interest, I entered. Before I knew it I had his cock in my mouth, surrounded by sex, then he was on his knees, eating me with great vigour. I have never been one for anything public, never done it but it turns out that cumming in front of a room full of strangers is rather fun! 
After some time in the club, having met some lovely, beautiful and interesting people, not to mention sexy people, I decided it was time to make my departure. But I know for sure, as I undid my corset and unlocked the cuffs around my wrists, that I would love to go back. Perhaps it’s time I bought some latex?!

Saturday, 10 November 2018

My first dungeon experience

It has always been a fantasy of mine to visit a dungeon, the couple convinced me the night before to join them. They had booked a few hours in the afternoon at a dungeon they had used previously. They gave me the address and I made my way from work. Tucked away in deepest darkest East London was the flat of BDSM dreams. My mouth was on the floor as I walked in. Every wall, every room, every space was full of equiptment, furniture and kit to punish, tease and give pleasure. Wow.

I was given a tour, once I had stripped. The beautiful velvet collar and cuffs was attached once more. Then the fun began. I was attached to the pulley system and my arms were raised in a spread eagle. Legs locked also. The gag was attached. I was so aroused that with a slight touch I just made a big wet patch on the floor. It didn’t take long. 

I was left there while he strapped her to the spanking bench right in front of me. He started to spank her and I giggled. I was in a very giggly mood. All this equipment had made me quite silly with excitement. That is when the air in the room changed. He looked at me suddenly... “don’t you laugh at me.” He said and came over and spanked me, hard. Well that sent me over the edge. That one look and spank was so arousing, especially in the restraints I was in, unable to move. My pussy was aching for more. 

He then attached a lead to my collar, got me down from the ropes and took me to the cell. There were little slide along doors, with only the room to stand. With my hands behind my back he attached my collar to the ring in the top of the cell and closed the door. I was locked in and not going anywhere. He took her to another room, just out of sight, and fucked her. I know this because I could hear. I was gagged, and I was frustrated by very aroused. He brought a wand and slide the door along by my pussy. He then teased me. Not allowing me to cum, just a tease. It was so arousing, the darkness, the fact I was locked in. I certainly didn’t hate it! 

I was allowed out and we played some more, trying out both beds, I was masturbated while tied once more, boobs slapped and I erupted in a mind blowing orgasm.

We sat and chatted a while, then a wicked smile came across his face, he took me over to the stocked and locked me in. They were fairly brutal, the angle was hard to get comfortable or even stand for too long. I couldn’t see much and that was even more arousing! They tried her on the fucking machine, which sounded all kinds of fun... sadly my fun was over as our time in the wicked world of dreams was drawing to a close. 

We sat around and chatted with the owner, it was all a little surreal, I perched on the edge of the spanking bench, not ones usual seat, but it was all that was free at the time. 

I left that place with a huge smile on my face and an even bigger desire to return and try more... there are a selection of hoods and restraints that really need experiencing! Watch this space....

Monday, 5 November 2018

Monday nights done right!

It was a long Monday and I had arrange to meet them, just for a drink. I really iteded it to be just a drink. I had spoken to her at the weekend, she was American and I quite liked that. I do have a thing for Dominant women, even better when they come with Dominant men! We met in a fantastic hotel lobby in central London. They were only in town for a few days so making the most of our Fetlife connection. As I said, I was only there for a drink and to make an iniaial meet. 

We had a drink, chatted, I felt comfortable in their presence, they were open about their relationship with each other and their kinks. I love chatting kink. He explained that she was wearing an egg with vine attached and showed me the app on his phone. He had control of it, he told me to sit next to her and feel between her legs. I felt the vibrations. These two were clearly loving life and quite frankly it all looked fun. That is when she said I should come upstairs to their room. Now I am not usually one to do this, somehow I felt safe with them. 

We went up to the penthouse, the terrace views over London were outstanding, and being fireworks night, the explosions were all going off around us. He popped the cork on a bottle of bubbles and we chatted in their room. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a fantastic collection of toys lined up on the table in the corner. He then came over and attached a beautiful velvet collar aroun my neck and matching velvet cuffs around my wrists. They felt amazing. So soft and contrasting black to my blonde hair. It all felt sexy. 

They then got out my boobs and started playing. They stripped me and lay me back, attaching my cuffs together. It felt so good. Even though I was not sure about it all I decided to go with it, it felt right. Not long after, we all ended up naked on the bed, I started sucking his cock, because I know how to suck cock like a slut. I was not ready for her pussy though, I am just not as experienced with that and need some warming up! Luckily I could say no and was listened to! 

I worked on his cock and she worked on my pussy. I asked to cum, I was denied, he slapped my pussy which is a sensation I have not really experienced. I was fun. I am terrible at being told no, I want it so much more. She then got on me, he was on top, I was sucking his balls while the fucked over my head, there was nothing I could do. She had a wand on my greedy pussy and that is when I started uncontrollably squirting. I have never quite squirted like that. It turned into a rolling squirt, I completely ruined the bed, then the orgasms built, it kind of rolled over and over and I lost control of my body for a while. He came all over my mouth and face. I felt used and totally slutty. Eventually I begged them to stop, it all got so much when she got out the glass dildo and used that. All hands, pushing, rubbing and biting at my tits. The sensations were amazing and I came over and over. 

I was spent in a pool of my own juices. She then wanted in on the fun. She pushed me aside, got out the wand and we both sucked her tits. I held the wand on her pussy and helped her along. 

We ended up a twist of bodies, watching the last few fireworks pop over London. The big question is do I go and meet them at the dungeon tomorrow?! I am tempted, very tempted! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


He was caged when he arrived. I put on the leather skirt. It was my dominant look I suppose. He entered my flat with a big grin. We went to my room, stripped and I watched as he undressed, revealing his cage. He gave me the key for keeps. He is very submissive when caged. I decided that I needed to cum, just to make it difficult for him I locked on my large, pink o gag. He only needed his tongue anyway. I clipped on my chain to his cage, tugging when I wanted him to work harder and faster. He played with my ass, and licked like a good boy. I asked him why he had to use a butt plug on my ass and fingers on my pussy, “because my cock is caged.” And then asked who owned his cock “you do.” Well I think he said that, it was quite mumbly with a gag in! 

After I had cum, I sent him to the corner, hands cuffed behind him. He could listen while I used the wand on my pussy. It felt weird seeing him tied in the corner. I have never really Dommed him before, he felt weaker. I did enjoy the power a bit though. I just was not quite as turned on as when he doms me. 

After a while I unlocked him, got him to use my wand on me. After many many orgasums I decided to unlock him, he said he prefers to Dom me anyway. Music to my ears. I unlocked his cage and he got the rope. We decided to try some breath play, it makes me so wet. He tied me into a tight ball, legs and hands all together with rope. Rope is such a lovely way to be tied, slow and exciting. He then tied rope around my neck. He tied my legs around the headboard and attached the other end to my neck rope. I was not going anywhere, and what was even better was that my ass and pussy were fully on display. He made use of both, attaching a wand to my pussy and tieing it there, I care a lot. Then he fucked my ass hole. It was delicious. 

After he untied me we went out for dinner. Another excellent afternoon and I am left with faint rope mark around my neck as a delightful reminder. That and a sore ass! 

Switching is fun but subbing is best. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Relief at last

I had been thinking with my pussy of late. He had been away and I was experimenting with couples online. He came back. He came over after work. I had my instructions, to be naked on the bed, facing away from the door, with my hood locked on my head, wrist shackles also locked in place. I followed the rules. I could smell him, it was delicious, but not being able to touch him or kiss him was tough. I was quivering with excitement and anticipation. He then started to circle, slap me, let me know he was there. He plugged my arse, delicious. He got a pair of knickers and rammed them through the hood opening into my mouth. He sealed it shut, he knows gags do things to me! 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

The scary world of online dating

I know I have touched on this years ago, but seriously, what is it about being into BDSM that makes people think it is ok to speak to a woman in a certain way, or treat a woman badly, because while I am kinky and submissive, I am also a woman! I have a normal job, I treat others with respect and am educated. Surely a little respect should be given in return? 

Recently I have been dating someone, I just ended it because he thought it was ok to behave rudely, cancelling plans and not turning up for things. This is not the first guy I have met on a kink dating site that has done this. I think there is a mentality out there and I am sad to see there are no gentlemen left in the world. Are people so thick as to think that they can carry on behaving like this? Where has common courtesy gone? 

While on the subject of kink dating sites, I got an amusing email recently from someone....

Hello girl
I loved visiting your profile. 
I do own and personally run a sub and slave training facility here in Thailand, where I train and keep subs or slaves for 3 to 12 weeks in 247 lifestyle and even longer on yearly base....It might be the perfect place for you both to live out or explore further your desires in a discreet environment .
I am also always interested to talk, mentor and chat with interesting persons.

Best regards

Really, you think I will go to Thailand and live as a slave for a year? Do you not think I have a job? I will not be sold as a sex slave, this is not a fantasy! I just hope there are no women out there who reply yes to this.

Sadly, the world of BDSM is very twisted and currently there seem to be an awful lot of idiot! Fingers crossed I come across some decent kinksters soon! 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Time limits

I was horny.

He was more horny.

He had not cum for 4 days. He had been wearing a cage for 24 hours, at my demand. His balls were so aching to cum they were quite literally turning purple.

I told him, if he made me cum 4 times then he would get a reward. He had 2 hours to do it, we both had appointments, but we both needed this.

He knows I adore being bound, so while he was caged he took to his task most studiously, he had been to a sex shop and bought some lovely little toys, anal beads, g-spot vibe, cable ties and other bits. I think the prospect of cumming had got him excited. He laid me on my bed, I did not feel as submissive as I usually do with him, it was more about the power feeling, knowing he had work to do and ultimately I was the one who held the key, a key he had given me on arrival. I had also made him take a viagra, just to make it that much more uncomfortable. 

I don’t dominate, never have with anyone but him, but it is so arousing Domming him, he responds so well, I can’t help but get wet. On my back he got to work tieing my arms and legs in a frog tie with the cable ties, cable ties are seriously uncomfortable! They dig in and let them know they are there! He then wrapped my limbs in cling film. It was a very hot day so this was no a welcome layer! Then he got to work on my pussy. I was interested to note why he didn’t gag me. The gag is the ultimate sign of dominance I think, it turns a switch in my head certainly. I think he knew I was in charge, both of us had a strange confliction, it was exciting and different. I did not feel I needed permission to cum, I felt thoughouly in charge! But kind of helpless. 

I came for the first time, more like an explosion! He played with the balls in my arse, turns out I am an anal slut! Then I told him to slide his caged cock in me, it felt different, in a good way. It didn’t take long to cum a second time! 

The third time took longer, by now he was begging to get out of his cage, I think the viagra was kicking in, I relented for the fourth orgasum and he came in me! It was more of an explosion. 

Time was up, he had succeeded, he got to stay out of his cage... for now!