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Monday, 15 July 2019

Initial Training - Part 1

So the next time we meet this Thursday I want you to simply obey Me after you enter the flat. You will follow Me unconditionally and without hesitation.

What you need to appreciate tomorrow is that you are no longer required to think, Slut. I only require you to obey.

I don't care if you think you are submissive enough for this or that, or not. I am only concerned with your obedience to Me.

He wrote in his message. I do struggle with total submission but this was about him taking full control, and me giving into it. It was about my training to be what he wanted. We are starting this path together and it is certainly extremely exciting. 

I had a list of rules. Rules to make me compliant and submissive. 

1. Do not speak unless spoken to or permission to speak has been granted

2. You will remain naked at all times when in My service, unless I choose otherwise. Your body belongs to me to use as I see fit, including full and multiple use of your pleasure holes. You are Sir's special 3 hole girl now. A compliant fuck toy.

3. You will use the honourific 'Sir' at all times and acknowledge My instructions, when appropriate.

4. You will NOT attempt to free yourself from any restraint without permission.

These instructions were clear, with punishments outlined for misbehaviour. I was obviously excited to be given such outlines for a session. He went on to explain all about punishments and justify all rules and outline the session. Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. 

He met me at the front door and we climbed the stairs to his flat in near silence, an air of apprehension between us. I entered the flat and immediately stripped before him. I knelt submissively. 

Next he tried out his new cable ties and had me in a hogtie, it was strict and difficult to hold. He attached a collar. I had a few swats to my ass. He likes my immobility and so did I, my pussy gave me away. 

After untying me he had me kneel in-front of him and we practiced holding positions. I am not a naturally still person, so move about and wriggle, especially if uncomfortable. I was given quite the lecture about how he wanted a still slave, one who could be taken out and it is obvious how his slave had been trained to hold positions. Some of the positions we tried were stressful, some damn right demeaning. Lying face down on the floor with his boot on my back was an example of this. Then he attached my chains, the long chain to my collar and my ankle cuffs. With this he decided to attach a bell. This one act was to prove one of the biggest headfucks of the entire session. Next my writs we put into cuffs, the horrid uncomfortable and sharp ones that cut into my wrists, I hate these. He had me crawl around two small weights he placed on the floor, back and forth in different ways. It was difficult and degrading and I really hated it. The mind fucks continued when we were finished and I asked to use the loo. He switched now. He had a sadistic look on his face. "Yes in the bucket." "Please Sir, I don’t want to piss in a bucket." I replied. He was gone now, in his element. So he adored me with bells to add to the collar one. Nipple bells. Then to add to my degradation training, he had me jiggle my tit bells to make them ring, with my hands above my head. Then a lead was attached to my collar and he had me crawl on my, now sore, knees all the way down the hall to the bathroom. 

This next step was to prove my most challenging part of the night. Before me was a bucket. I squatted over it and he held tightly onto my lead. I couldn’t look him in the eye, I was so intimidated and ashamed. I moaned to him about how I couldn’t go, eventually though I pissed in the fucking bucket, while he smirked. He even read the blurb on the back of the feminine wipes he had to wipe my ass. Degraded and humiliated, I knelt while he washed out my piss bucket. I couldn’t look him in the eye. He then lead me back to the main room on my lead and allowed me, after I had to beg, to sit on the sofa. I was angry. Really angry, I felt the shame of what he had made me do and it made me cross. I needed to escape this feeling, to be hurt or beaten to get back into the headspace, because I didn’t want him touching me now, he had made me so cross.

This is when he decided to make a call. So instead of leaving me to stew in my anger, he had me kneel in a stress position, nose to wall, hands on head while he made the call. This did nothing for my mood but everything for my headspace. My submission was getting deeper, I didn’t move a muscle. Talk about a turn around! 

The phone call was ended and he had a lovely treat of my favourite wine, this softened me slightly, again he had gone to so much effort. But I needed a beating. So of course he obliged and tied me to his spanking bench. This time there was no wooden panel, just some well crafted leather paddles. We practiced some numbered beatings, one for soft and 10 for intense. I got to around 9, the pain softened me and made me forget my shame somehow. This is hard to articulate but it was somehow cleansing. I finally safe-worded and he untied me. We spent some more time cuddling, cooking dinner and drinking wine. He cared for me, chatted to me and stroked me. His aftercare skills are second to none. 

After some bondage porn and food we decided to try out his amazing bondage bed. Set up in his office was his sofa bed, leather straps to hold down his willing victim and two dildos to insert, on the end of long sticks. He had me put on my sensory deprivation hood, which I hate, and inserted the penis gag. The stupid bell collar stayed on sadly. A chain was attached around my middle, with my arms and legs spread-eagle there was no movement. He tested my bonds with the electric zapper, no escaping that particular torment sadly. 

Then came my pussy flogging. It was a warm sensation. Not too painful but enough to wake me up a bit. This was rapidly followed by placing the wand there. Another explosive orgasm and I started rolling through to the next. He has a way of building them and then I am on some amazing orgasm roll, my body just keeps going, my mind is somewhere else. Tied and gagged like that I was helpless to do anything about it, and in a state of complete joy. I did finally have to test the gagged safeword we decided on because my pussy had become over sensitive.  

Finally he untied me, let me put on the pink bed restraints and we curled up, I passed out from sheer physical exhaustion, happy and contented to not be on the floor, but by his side. 

Morning came and between dozing there was fucking, I love it when he fucks my ass and I can use a wand on my clit. My orgasms are insane from this, he did it twice, also came in me twice. Nothing quite like going back to sleep with his cum trickling out of my ass. Later in the morning, after a delicious breakfast he cooked while I assisted, naked in collar and cuffs and stupid little bell, he placed his hands around my neck as I masturbated. It was utterly amazing. I have a thing about being strangled and he took me right to the brink so my whole body felt alive and tingly. Obviously more cumming ensued. I managed to squirt all over the sheets I had just changed, opps! 

Monday, 8 July 2019

The bondage flat

It all started with Insex videos. The classic bondage channel made by the incomparable PD. We had this in common and had found out. So we started messaging, sharing videos and comparing our love for the rather dark and neiche porn. This lead to our first date, which comprised of him weaving his way through the crowds at Pride to make it to where I was standing watching the parade. He battled the hoards of rainbow adorned Londoners and made it. This made me instantly impressed at his perseverance and we wandered off to find a quiet place to chat. I was feeling frisky and just wanted to kiss him, but he was a little shy. I got my kiss and it was as good as I thought it would be, which gave me excitement for what might come later. 

We had our drink and carried on flirting and talking about our shared kinks, it really did seem like we aligned in so many fantasies we had yet to play out. Things we both found hot but neither had really tried. 

We went our separate ways after that and he went off to prepare for tomorrow’s date. Really it was a pre organised play session as we both knew I was going back to his after lunch, being the slut that I am! 

I partied a little hard that night so felt suitably ripe when Sunday morning arrived, however I made my way over to his part of town. He met me at the station and we headed to lunch. There was an air of anticipation as we ate and chatted. We both knew it was going to get exciting. I felt drawn to him, he is able to open up and explain his desires so articulately. It is easy to chat. 

Finally we walked along his street, butterflies started to build. I really needed this. We walked up the stairs. "You need to follow my instructions as soon as we enter." I am not always known for my following of instructions, and wanted to challenge him. But as soon as we walked in he gave me no room to challenge. I was stripped, arms bound above my head with horrid cable ties and legs together. There he explored my body, felt my wetness and prepared my next position. He started with the chains. I had explained that I have a thing about being bound in chains, it has connotations for me that excite me. So he collared me, linked the collar to harsh cuffs and then shackled leg cuffs on. The issue was I couldn’t quite stand full coins in this way. It felt completely humiliating as he led me to the mirror to take a look, naturally I was wet! 

We then had a tour of his flat. I was blown away at the dungeon he had created. There was bondage everywhere. Firstly I had a good look into the room I was standing in. In one corner was a home crafted spanking bench with an entire basket of hitting implements. Then in the corner he had created a bondage bed with his sofa bed, with enough clamps, electricity play sets and gags to fill a soho store. On the fireplace were his extensive selections of anal plugs and dildos. 

The next room had thousands of ropes and lengths of chains, more toys and implements and gags. The rest of the flat had chains attached to every radiator, following a conversation I had said that this was a fantasy, he had thought about everything. I was impressed.

The then had me carry a tray of drinks and snacks to the sitting room. This is not easy when shackled in bloody chains, but I made it. My pride was short lived when he told me where to place myself next. A massive hand weight was on the floor, he had me kneel down and put my bound hands under the weight and locked them to my collar. I was welland truely stuck. To make matters more uncomfortable my toes were cuffed together, a hideous contraption that completely immobilised my legs. With my top half down my ass was left exposed. "This is my chance to try some implements on you, are you ready?" He said with glee. Not much I could do. He tried out some hitty things on my ass. Some stung more than others, but I really got nervous when he reached for the cattle prod. To make matters worse he blindfolded me and placed some rather extreme porn on headphones in my ears. The screams of the woman being tortured mixed with my immobility sent my head reeling. I had mixed emotions of fear and excitement. But it all happened so quickly I let my body go with what was happening, tried not to fight it. 

Finally I was untied from this position and moved to the sofa. It was movie time. I had gone over to watch this documentary after all so just to ensure I wasn’t going anywhere, he attached my collar to a chain going around the radiator. As I said, he had thought of everything. We relaxed into the film, but the issue was there were so many women being used, so much porn, it got us both a little excited. So he decided to share his toy with me. Some wonderful wand with an array of attachment heads. Wow. After a bit of this directly on my clit I started to roll through a series of orgasms and squirted all over his sofa. Quite the mess, clearly I was turned on by what we had done up to that point. 

The movie was over and there was more from the ‘bondage flat’ to try. This time we made our way to the spanking bench. Now I have not tried much impact but I felt I could trust him so down I went, tied face down and bum in air, not before he tagged me with a horrid penis gag and wrapped my mouth just in case. He started with a stinger. The glass rode. Wow, it stung, really bad. He was clearly getting excited by the marks he was making. He moved through the paddles, each on had a special feature, some a short sharp sting, others and burning sting that lasted longer. I took a fair bit, my ass was beginning to burn. This is when he brought out the wooden paddle. Ouch. That was when I freaked out and called red through my gag. I managed to reach under and unclip my cuffs. I needed out fast. 

He knows how to give after care. We spent the rest of the evening chilling and chatting, we talked and talked about everything. It felt like the hitting had made way to connect us. We ended the evening in bed, where he rubbed cream in my burning and bruised ass and massaged my entire body. It was the most perfect way to relax. Then the touching led to sex, he fucked my pussy and quickly moved to my ass. Another resounding orgasum ripped through me. I was spent. 

I fell asleep in his pink collar and cuff set, attached by ropes to his bed. Contented. 

The Monday morning arrived with a hard cock that needed seeing to, half asleep I offered my pussy. He used it, then again we fucked in the ass and I was now woken with another orgasm. What a way to wake up. While fucking me from behind he grabbed the rope attached to my collar and pulled so hard the chain popped off... opps! 

Still locked in his cuffs, we made our way to his kitchen. He is a great cook and I worked around him, making coffee and cleaning up. It kind of felt right, me being naked apart from pretty pink cuffs. As the sun poured through his kitchen window, we enjoyed the delicious breakfast he had prepared. Naturally one thing led to another and I found myself tied to the wall practicing oral on a fulfilling, chain attached to my collar. Boobs bound and sore. I wasn’t doing it right so I go another go at the glass rod on my bruised ass. He relented after a while and plugged my ass and used his lovely little wand on my pussy. This, mixed with the way I was bound and the fact I still had to suck the rubber cock attached to the wall made me start to go somewhere else, things went blurry, my eyes started to roll and I struggled to keep myself upright. It was another sensational orgasm and I really was spent. I could hardly keep myself up but couldn’t get away until he had unlocked my collar to the wall chain. Wow! 

I can’t wait for round two if this was round one. What a way to spend 24 hours. 

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Impact vs power play

My what a weekend! 

It started on Friday night when he come over to collect me before dinner. As soon as I saw him I remembered how he made me feel and my pussy did a little clench. He took me to my bedroom, kissed me and then saw the new delivery had arrived. "Have you tried it?" He asked. "I was waiting for you to put it on me." Came my reply. 

He fastened the spider gag in, nice and tight. I have never tried one and it is restricting and uncomfortable, perfect. Just the way I like it. He then experimented with me in my knees, seeing if his cock would fit in. It was a little tight, difficult to get it though but that didn’t stop me trying. I teased his tip with my tongue, the drool was humiliating but he enjoyed it. 

He was ready to fuck me now, so bent me over my bed and fucked my ass. Thankfully I was allowed the wand on my pussy as I was gagging to cum. He enjoyed how tight I was and we both came very quickly, very hard. I put on my knickers and we left for dinner with his cum trickling out. 

Dinner was delightful, he was the perfect gentleman and as always, I enjoyed his company. It was time to head home because quite frankly, I wanted round 2. We made our way home. As soon as we were in the door we were at each other again, soon I was naked. After a little wine, we were at each other again. He dove down to my kink box under my bed, clearly knowing what he wanted. My hands were soon locked in cuffs with a chain between the two, the larger o gag put in and the terrible nipple clamps attached. I tried hard to give him a blow job, but without full use of my mouth and hands, it was more about him fucking my face. So he did, hitting the back of my throat repeatedly, causing my gag reflex to come into play. More drool. Soon he stood me up, turned me around and had his belt around my next. He then started fucking me. The position was really difficult to hold, but I tried. I ended up wriggling too much, trying to release the pain in my lower back and also trying to take the pressure of the belt from around my back. It was difficult and hot. I wanted his cock but was worried I was going to pass out. So he started beating me with the belt. It stung, increasing my arousal more. 

Eventually he lay down on the bed, pulled me over by the horrid nipple clamp chain and had me sit on him, which I did. There he fucked me, he fucked me in that position, then laying down, rolled me over and fucked me more. It felt great. It wasn’t about me any more, it was his release. And my arousal was more because he was using me for his pleasure. 

He came again, hard. Leaving me wanting more, with nothing I could do about it, tied as I was. Eventually I was untied, we chatted and drank some more wine.

All in all a delightful evening.

The Saturday brought more delights with a fabulous friends party. This lady knows how to throw a party. It was an afternoon to evening affair with a hint of kink. Our hostess was dressed as Snow White, ready to be supported by her kinky dwarves. I of course was sneezy as sneezing is a 7th of an orgasum. Suited me perfectly. I set to work ensuring all had a drink. Really, in reality, Snow White did not need any help and kept us fed and whatever beautifully! I met new friends and caught up with old ones. 

Once it was dark there was some changes to wardrobe. I had brought my new lace body, just in case. Turned out I needed it after all. My boobs barely fit in it, slutty is an understatement for this particular outfit. It got some raised eyebrows! 

There was an impressive selection of impact toys on display. There were some Doms who clearly knew what they were doing. I felt like it was my turn to try impact properly. Now by this time I was not sober. This I fear was my downfall. Having seen another masochist taking a serious beating from the Drangons tail, I felt I might like a flogging. So I bent over the arm of the sofa and let a Dom take aim. I warned him I I had not really tried impact, certainly not without a power exchange. He warmed up slowly, taking it slow. I have a high pain threshold so said he could take it up several notches, he tried another flogger. And another. Watching him over my shoulder was a delight. He knew what he was doing and clearly enjoyed it. Then it statred to sting. I backed out before he went too far. But I knew i could have taken more. 

Later, after more drink and with a fuzzy mind, I was asked if I wanted to try the cane. "Why not?" I replied. Back in the same potsition over the sofa arm, and I could feel these ones, they stung. So much more than the flogger. I wanted to see how hard I could go, so I kept on going, he raised the hits. Finally I tapped out but not before he had made a mess of my ass. My first real bruises / markings. And it hurts today. Stings so badly when I walk and when I sit. A constant reminder of my stupidity, but also a reminder that I am a true slut, willing to do anything for a high. 

Overall it has made me think about my kinks, what turns me on. I believe that I need the submission, and if someone has taken control and requires the punishment then I find it a turn on, I don’t need pain for pains sake and I am not masochist. I take my hat off to those who do, but I shall stick to my Domiant taking control, not the cane. 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Finding my community

It took me a long time and some distinctly less than savoury experiences ‘underground’ to pluck up the courage to go to my first munch. The Kinky scene was something I had shied away from for many years. I didn’t understand that there was a world of people just like me, who lived perfectly normal lives and loved what I loved. I felt like it was wrong, and therefore the people who enjoyed kink in all its shapes and sizes and colours had to be a strange bunch. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My first munch was the most enlightening experience. I tentatively walked in, was greeted with a room full of fairly normal people. I got chatting to a group of men in suits, come straight from work. One started to discuss his beating he got the other day and how his Domme had his cock caged. I had never been in a space that allowed such free conversation, and I loved it. Listening to others stories, sharing my own. It was entirely liberating. 

The very next night I went to the Putney munch. I met more fantastic people, people who welcomed me, chatted to me, took the time to make me feel at ease and shared their kinks. Taught me not to kink shame, taught me that it is totally fine to explore, enjoy and experiment and it is a safe place to do it. 

I went home fro that evening in Putney and told my flatmate, a friend for years, about that part of me I had kept hidden through shame. She didn’t bat an eyelid. The shame of my kinks had all been in my head. Once I had realised that, well I confess to say a floodgate opened. 

Months later, having met some truly wonderful people. Having had a fair amount of cock, taken a good few beatings and cum more times than I thought possible, I have the most wonderful group of friends around me. I am so privileged to call them my friends. They accept my true perverted side, embrace it wholeheartedly in fact. I feel a sense of belonging in a community that I have just started to explore. 

Watch this space... because there are more stories to come! 

Monday, 6 May 2019

The city of sex

‘Good morning Slut, we’re in Amsterdam all week and through the weekend, what are you doing?’ Said the text. I turns out I was free on Sunday and bank holiday Monday. So they sent me a ticket and told me what to bring, which was an extensive list:



New butt plugs

Nipple clamps



No knickers were required.

Now I have never flown somewhere for sex, for play or to be used. It felt extravagant and really quite exciting. My first awkward moment though came at Gatwick airport, where My bag of toys was pulled aside and the woman went to search it. ‘You need to know that bag is full of sex toys’ I said. She tentivley opened up my wash bag, pulled out my tiny bottle of hair oil and placed it in the clear plastic bag. ‘That is nice but this should be in the clear bag, the rest is fine.’ Red faces I ran to my gate, getting there just in time. 

Upon arrival I had an hour to kill, so naturally wandered around the red light district, because that place fascinates me. All the sexual promise, so many sex shops, shows, women, it’s like my spiritual home when I am in slut mode. 

I was nervous so stopped in a cute little bar before heading to the hotel. It was so exciting to be in a different city, to be summoned by a couple, to be wanted so much a flight ticket was bought for me.  

Eventually, after a delightful little wander around a stunning and exciting city, I headed to the hotel bar, where we were to meet. It was a lovely bar, chilled Sunday vibes with a DJ and wealthy looking locals sitting around small tables enjoying the views and moody skies over Amsterdam. I sipped my espresso martini and waiting, nerves building. In they came. Politeness and niceties ensued. They had had a lovely time, seeing the sights and with some play parties thrown in. Then they told me about a German girl they had picked up. They spoke about her with such passion and just kept repeating ‘you have a lot to live up to / the bar has been set high’. Oh dear. This sounds like a challenge I was not sure I could achieve, but I could give it a good go, I am no defeatist.

We headed to the room to get ready for dinner. Getting ready for dinner for me involved standing in the stunning hotel suit, arms placed on the table, skirt lifted and knickers removed. I was inspected then plugged. Then he got the remote and started to use it on my naked bottom. Ouch. It stung. It also travelled down to my pussy and by now I was dripping. He tested to see just how wet, I sucked his fingers hungrily to show what a willing slut I was. I wanted to impress them. I mean they had brought me all the way to their very lovely hotel suit...!

We went to dinner, my wetness increased. They made me flirt with the hot young waiter, asking what he was doing later and what time he clocked off. We both went red. It was both mortifying and exciting. We had a delicious meal, chatted about all sorts, I told them of some recent adventures and they told me more about the bloody German girl and their sex party at a local club the previous evening. 

We decided to head back to the room after this. She needed to make some phone calls so he started ‘to prepare’ me. I knew they liked to have a less bratty, more obedient sub so I obliged, and did my best ‘yes sir’ act. 

He stated with stripping me, gagging me and having me kneel so that I could get a redder ass. He then placed headphones on my head with beach waves sounds. My heat started to quicken. It is quite disorientating to have your heading taken like that, and speech. I mean wearing a gag is just simply arousing for me, frustrating but arousing. I was not allowed to look up, he kept placing a hand on my head if I looked more than carpet height. It further put me in a submissive head space. 

Once she was off the phone, I have no idea how long I was down there for, he attached nipple clamps, took off the headphones and added a blindfold. It only made me wetter. Still plugged, he started to spank me, lightly at first, getting the right speed and pressure. 

I wanted to please, so he took off my gag and replaced it with his cock. I ate it hungrily, showing my passion, or tried to! 

I was then moved to the bed, face down. They attached my limbs to restraints and pulled deliciously tightly. Then they tried the ‘captain’ in my dripping pussy. Still blindfolded, I was unaware of the size but could certainly feel it was larger than average. With both of my holes filled, he came to sit in front of me, so I could have every hole filled. This position caused some difficulties. To raise my head meant I could breath easily but after a while was difficult to hold, resting my head down meant deep throating and limited access to air. I stayed like this for a while. He realised my predicament and stayed right where he was. 

I was allowed a brief look at ‘the captain’ and once it was put back in it felt even bigger, once I had seen its girth for real.

Later I was allowed to cum, it didn’t take long. The rest of the evening was a blur of cock sucking, fucking, licking and spanking. It culminated in a simply fabulous rolling orgasm, where I squirted so much I soaked their bedsheets. 

I slept, satisfied, on the sofa and left quietly the next morning for my flight back to London. Walking the quiet streets of Amsterdam, relieved that it was a city of sex and that my stench of sex would probably not get noticed!

Monday, 1 April 2019

The humble belt

There are many uses for the humble belt. It is an instrument of great diversity. I was shown some of its delights last night, so thought I might share them with you:
1. The collar and lead. 
This is the most effective of restraints. It gives and excellent anchor point for fucking from both above and behind, causing the airwaves to block but the orgasm to be most earth shattering. I think it is my favourite of all belt uses.
2. The wrist restraints 
Wrapped around it makes the wearer quite restricted, simple yet effective.
3. The whip
Ouch.... enough said! 
4. The belt
Wrap around waist, plug in wand, slip wand in and put it on max.... mmmmmm

You see, so many uses, quite clever really. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Sunday Fun Day

I handed myself over to him fully. I wanted to know what it felt like. I had previously shared my fantasy and he said we should try it. It is risky handing over ones fantasy to someone who you have never played with. We had lightly kissed on our first date, there was some chemistry, I decided he was sane enough to try this with. 
I was instructed to drive the hours journey to meet him at a service station, leave my car and get into his. I was irritatingly hungover early on Sunday morning and the butterflies didn’t help the slightly sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, was I crazy?
I also had the balls in my pussy making me even more wet, this was something I was not going to admit to him. He likes to talk about how I am a slut, I am not sure the names get me off and I was not going to admit quite how much I wanted this. Not unless it was beaten out of me, which it was later on in the afternoon.
On the way to his we chatted innocently, I was wearing hold ups and a pretty dress that was appreciated, hand on my thigh as we drove through the country. I could tell he was excited. I was too. I didn’t know what he had in store but I knew he had bought some wonderful restraints for the occasion.
When we arrived I was led inside and into the back room, there was chain in little neat piles around the room. He took off my dress, pulled my breasts out of my bra and blindfolded me. I felt the cold from the chain on my body as he wound it around me, between my crotch pulling it tight, then came the rope. He tied my breasts and made my nipples super sensitive. His favourite thing is nipple clamps, I know this because he was merciless to my poor nipples. His clamp collection is very impressive. Painful but impressive.
He then attached the wonderful new leather locking wrist and ankle cuffs. These he attached to rope and pulled my hands above my head to the back of the arm chair I was now sitting on. This is where I had my first orgasum. He tormented me a bit but eventually made me cum. I was surprised he gave in so soon but very happy he did. His tounge is very skilled on my pussy and it felt good, then he put the wand down my knickers and the first orgasum ripped through me. I tasted myself, I felt sweeter, maybe I am getting better at tasting myself. 
He kissed me. It was more of a face rape than a kiss. It felt utterly violating, which I suppose he wanted but I confess I did not enjoy it. There was nothing tender and warm about that kiss. 
After I had cum he just left me tied to that chair and left the room. This was the first time he did that. This was the first time I had been left tied before and it felt good. I was warm and buzzy and tied. I didn’t hate that! 
When he came back it was time to try my hood. I hate my hood, but he liked it so on it went. In went the gag. I forgot how much I hate that penis gag. 
I was then bent over the dining room table, legs attached to the spreader bar and arms pulled tight. New nipple clamps on my nipples were attached. Then out came the whips and paddles. Ouch.
He wanted to make me cry, I don’t do crying. He inflicted a lot of pain. My nipples were on fire, my ass hurt but he put on the wand and I exploded. Irritatingly my body loved the pain while I hated. Stupid body. I squirted all over him, drenched his shirt and made him delighted. Stupid bloody body. 
Later, once I was untied he led me upstairs, this time I was spread eagle tied to his bed, he had some towels this time though. My poor pussy was feeling really tender. My legs were tied together, feet facing sole to sole. Lucky I do yoga. More caning of my thighs. Ouch. More cumming, more squirting. Then when I was spent he left me again, I dozed in and out of sleep. It felt so warm tied like that, plus I was shattered. 
While he enjoyed inflicting pain, he was a selfless Dom, able to play my body like a fiddle. He clearly enjoyed it but asked for little in return. It was all about me, which, if I am honest, I really enjoyed! 
Once tied he packed away my underwear in my bag and made me make the long journey home just in my dress and hold ups. Tender and sore but satisfied. I certainly slept well on Sunday evening.