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Sunday, 6 December 2009

The start of something new

Calling all kinksters,

I am not sure who will be reading this but I thought that I would start a little blog about the wonderful and delightful world of kinky sex and my experience in this area so far.
I enjoy nothing more than to read well written blogs about sex and have decided that after Friday afternoon / evening I should write my own, with my view on kinky sex.
There are many women / submissives out there who write about their prolific experiences in this area, but I have not got as much experience and wanted to share that with whoever wants to read it!

So.. I digress... lets discuss Friday night....

I was summons to the hotel for 5 O'clock. He turned up at 5.30. I think it was his plan to leave me waiting and stirring in my own juices, of which there were many (I refrained from using my favorite toy since Sunday, at his request). As I sat in the lobby of a frightfully nice hotel in London, I thought what the hell the other guests would think. If only they could see what was under the ironed and well turned out dress, though would be in for a real treat.

He eventually turned up and checked in, all the while looking at me but giving me no indication of what was in store, making me even wetter at the prospect of what was about to come. He ushered me into the lift, fondling my ass and whispering very naughty things in my ear. By the time we got into the room I was a mess.

He asked me to shower, and considering I had come from work, I obliged. On returning to the bedroom I was handed a rather delightful glass of bubbles and we kissed. This is what I enjoy about him, the kissing and the way he whispers in my ear how dirty I am when I go straight for his jeans, trying to get at the good stuff.

I was asked to strip, I enthusiastically obliged, after all I knew that what was in store for me and I knew that it would be good, no, GREAT!

I was fondled, turned and then asked to sit down. Hang on, this was not what I wanted. I wanted a good fucking! But of course I obliged and was then asked to put my hands behind the back of the rather bondagesque chair. They were cuffed and then tied around the chair and this was how I was left, for the moment! My corset was pulled down and my breasts were played with. This got me very excited, but he then decided to stop it there and tie my legs, together. Talk about frustrating, he knew how hot I was getting. I started to protest and a red ball gag was shoved into my mouth. Now my feet were tied together as well and pulled up under the chair. And this is how I was left. I have never been so horny. He would play with me a bit, then lie back down on the bed and just watch me fight his rather good knots.

Needless to say he couldn't leave me for long. This is what I like about Merlot, I know he will give in eventually and fuck me, sometimes the cuffs stay on and the gag, but I know he will give in and when he does it is great. Friday I had some of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever. Merlot really knows how to use his tongue, he can please me again and again! That is why I love to repay him.....

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