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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So I am sitting here with wet knickers, horny as he'll waiting for him to get my drink from the bar! L is being very annoying and refusing to come back to mine, even though I have offered him a blow job with all the trimming! To top it off I have worn a corset, my tightest one!

An hour later....
I am sitting on the train having experienced my first public display, right in the middle of borough market's closed up stalls! I was kissing him and one thing lead to another and I found myself tugging at his suit trousers and grabbing at the zip! I had his coc in my hand and was gently tugging away! Suddenly a tramp came past, lingered a while and was gone! I am not sure what he saw but the thought of someone watching really turned me on! He then wispered in my ear that it was my turn and started to finger me under our long back coals, I tried to move my arms but found that they were pinned to my side and I was unable to move without force, and after 4 white wines force was becoming difficult to find!

I begged and he stopped but this now leaves me with the predicament on which I find myself. I am sitting on a busy late tube horny as hell smelling of cunt, on my way home by myself, where I am going to have to bring our my rabbit that already has dying batteries from overuse!
What is a girl to do! Oh shit, I could really use a fuck!

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