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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sexy Underwear

I love nothing more than dressing for a man. I had chosen my tight corset and matching susender belt, my bra matched my knickers and I had the corset tied as tightly as it would go. I love this feeling. It is like being tied in tight bondage, there is nothing you can do to releive it when you have put your dress on and walked outside.

ANother thing i really love about wearing a corset is the fact that no one knows. YOu can walk down the street feeling dirty and seductive, knowing full well that under the dress is very inappropriate undergarments for a light evening in the local pub.

THe only prblem comes when sitting, my breasts are so large and made so much larger by the corset that there is no disgusiing my kinky choice of underwear. Oh well, i will have to just stand.....

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