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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Had to share...

What is with some men, this is just hilarious! One of the more strange messages I have received! These most amusing thing about it is; how does someone think they could grab my attention with such poor punctuation? 

Hi you dirty little slut I want you to come to my house I will rub your pant on your pussy till soaking wet pin you against wall rip then off stuff then in your mouth so you can taste your own cum then I will rip the rest of your clothes off force you to your knees grabbing your hair as I fuck your mouth making you gag as my cock hits the back of your throat slapping your face then I piss in your mouth making you thank me then tie you down face down blindfold you as I start to finger your ass and pussy two fingers then 4 then my fist making you scream and cry begging me to stop but I won't I just cover your mouth insert my. cock fucking you hard xx

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