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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The office

As soon as I rang the buzzer I was nervous. Last time we met he slapped me so hard I heard ringing in my ear... I knew he was bad news but here I was, standing outside his office in the pouring rain. He buzzed me in, I opened the door and walked the two flights of stairs nervously. 
As soon as I was in the door he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall and kissed me... Mmmmmm! 
Then without a word he took me to his office, bland, soulless with four walls and a big desk. The lack of personality surprised me, but then he continually surprises me! He had me kneel and blow him off... I had been waiting to do this for a while, he tasted as good as I thought. Then he said he had to make a call, so I knelt at his feet. I am not usually one to kneel at a mans feet but he has a way of asking that makes it hard to say no. 
After that he dragged me up by my hair, bent me over his desk and after a light spanking rimmed me, then threw me to the floor and licked me until I came, repeatedly! And FYI, he can lick like a lesbian! 
When he was done, he came on my ass and threw me some napkins to sort myself out. 
I was used and dirty and I had a very satisfied feeling when we walked back out of the office, into the rain, looking for that drink he promised! 

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