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Saturday, 22 March 2014

In his kiss

I know I have written before, a long time ago, about how important I find a kiss, especially a first kiss. If it send shivers down my spine, towards my pussy, I know he us going to be a keeper! Or certainly someone I will want to have a second date with!
We met in a crappy backstreet pub, on a week night, he was charming but had a glint in his eye. After a couple of glasses, some niceties, and lots of flirting he kissed me! It was powerful and hot, it sent waves towards my pussy and for the rest if the night all I wanted was to lock lips with him again and again! 
The best thing about it, he is as kinky as sin! He bit my lip till I squealed, then kissed me again. My error was to bite him back, I fear he may turn my ass many shades of blue in the future... The nervous anticipation is erotic and terrifying in equal measure! 
One to watch....!

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