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Monday, 17 March 2014

I'm back!

I'm back!

After a little break from the world of kink I am back, and once again it dominates (I get the irony) my mind and recently, my body.
I have had some fun in the last few weeks, by way of a little reward to me, having come out of a crappy vanilla relationship. I thought that going for a guy who ticked the boxes would be a good thing, but seriously, the lack of passion nearly killed me! He said it was the best sex he had ever had, I got really good a faking it! I once suggested I had a varied sexual past, but didn't elaborate, and he really didn't want to know! I now realise he was not the man for me, so it is back to kink!

I started my path back with dinner and a spanking! A very intense spanking, which was repeated a lot, through the night! It felt cleansing, like I was being welcomed back, in reality it felt good, but I will never tell him that! It also felt good sharing a bed with a man who made me feel good about myself and sexy!

We shall see what happened with him, work loads don't look good at the moment for either of us, but it would be good to stay over more at his! Now I need a good stint of inescaple bondage and I really will be back!

Right, off to search some bdsm porn and have a wank! Catch you later!

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