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Sunday, 23 May 2010


I can imagine that if you are a Londoner and were in London this weekend, you were in a park along with the rest of the city trying to get a tan in this glorious sunshine that we have been having. Parks in London are great, they are everywhere and usually very busy. Although they do go quiet at night. Which is another reason why they are great. There are many little bushes and trees that one can hide behind, and this is what I got up to on Friday night. We were walking back to the station when I found myself on my knees and hair gripped tight, while he was shoving his cock in my rather unsuspecting mouth. It was really a very fine cock, and being the tease that he is was not in my mouth for nearly as long as I would have liked!

Lets hope that I can make up for that very soon, maybe somewhere a little more private though, we wouldn't want to get arrested now would we...... although the thought of those handcuffs is rather appealing!

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