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Monday, 3 May 2010

A new record has been set!

I ache, all over, from head to toe. My nipples hurt from where he pinched, bit and attached clamps. My thighs hurt from where he tied me and made me do the hard work on top. My girly parts hurt from being used so much. My shoulders hurt from having my hands tied so tightly behind my back in a frog-tie. But I am happy as I have set a new personal best!

I came six times in one afternoon. That is a lot of cumming, I even squirted - another first. Cognac just brings out the best in me, he really knows how to play my body and I love it! By the end I was so horny, even after some pretty amazing orgasms, he went to the loo and I got busy with my rabbit. What can I say, I am insatiable. So I made it up to six by the end of the day. All in all a fantastic way to spend a bank holiday.

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  1. 6 times....that's great. You must have been in total ecstasy. The bondage sounds soooooo HOT to. I love being restrained. Thanks for sharing... Kara XOXO