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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dom, really?

So, after the shambles that was last night I thought that I would give a few clues as to what I beleive a true Dom is or isnt (in the case of Shiraz!)
1. A true dominanat enjoys to take charge of any situation, strip a woman naked and take charge of all aspects of a submitting woman!
2. A true dominant enjoys using rope and actually knows how to tie a simple knot, or a simple pair of wrist cuffs - i mean really, how hard can it be? (In the case of Shiraz, very)
3. A true dominant can actually sustain an erection long enough to fuck a submissive sensless - I dont ask for much in life!
4. A true dominant enjoys making a woman helpless and then using her as he wishes
5. FInally, a true dominant will fuck a woman, tie a woman and take her as he wishes without having to be asked.

To sum it up, last night was a real let down. I now have to start my search again for the ultimate Dom, someone who actually knows what he is doing, not a guy to beleives that lightly spanking my ass classes him as dominanat! Oh dear!

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