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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Damn weather

I was promised snow, lots of it. Enough of it that would allow a snow day. All I get is a little flurry and a bit hassle on London's transport system! This is not fair. I am now going to sulk a little and perhaps stamp my foot!
What... behaving like a brat... so punish me! (I wish, now that would be a good way to spend a day off!)


  1. I know that the sight of familiar landscapes turned a beautiful clean white transports many of us back to when we were 6 years old, but you do sound like a whiny child. The sort that is asking for a spanking - no rope involved. You'll just have to make do with a strong arm holding you down through your struggles!
    But after a long cold journey home I imagine your butt needs a little warming up, no? We can follow through with a little firmer hold later on..

  2. I will bear that in mind next time I complain!