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Saturday, 11 August 2018

The scary world of online dating

I know I have touched on this years ago, but seriously, what is it about being into BDSM that makes people think it is ok to speak to a woman in a certain way, or treat a woman badly, because while I am kinky and submissive, I am also a woman! I have a normal job, I treat others with respect and am educated. Surely a little respect should be given in return? 

Recently I have been dating someone, I just ended it because he thought it was ok to behave rudely, cancelling plans and not turning up for things. This is not the first guy I have met on a kink dating site that has done this. I think there is a mentality out there and I am sad to see there are no gentlemen left in the world. Are people so thick as to think that they can carry on behaving like this? Where has common courtesy gone? 

While on the subject of kink dating sites, I got an amusing email recently from someone....

Hello girl
I loved visiting your profile. 
I do own and personally run a sub and slave training facility here in Thailand, where I train and keep subs or slaves for 3 to 12 weeks in 247 lifestyle and even longer on yearly base....It might be the perfect place for you both to live out or explore further your desires in a discreet environment .
I am also always interested to talk, mentor and chat with interesting persons.

Best regards

Really, you think I will go to Thailand and live as a slave for a year? Do you not think I have a job? I will not be sold as a sex slave, this is not a fantasy! I just hope there are no women out there who reply yes to this.

Sadly, the world of BDSM is very twisted and currently there seem to be an awful lot of idiot! Fingers crossed I come across some decent kinksters soon! 

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