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Friday, 10 August 2018

Time limits

I was horny.

He was more horny.

He had not cum for 4 days. He had been wearing a cage for 24 hours, at my demand. His balls were so aching to cum they were quite literally turning purple.

I told him, if he made me cum 4 times then he would get a reward. He had 2 hours to do it, we both had appointments, but we both needed this.

He knows I adore being bound, so while he was caged he took to his task most studiously, he had been to a sex shop and bought some lovely little toys, anal beads, g-spot vibe, cable ties and other bits. I think the prospect of cumming had got him excited. He laid me on my bed, I did not feel as submissive as I usually do with him, it was more about the power feeling, knowing he had work to do and ultimately I was the one who held the key, a key he had given me on arrival. I had also made him take a viagra, just to make it that much more uncomfortable. 

I don’t dominate, never have with anyone but him, but it is so arousing Domming him, he responds so well, I can’t help but get wet. On my back he got to work tieing my arms and legs in a frog tie with the cable ties, cable ties are seriously uncomfortable! They dig in and let them know they are there! He then wrapped my limbs in cling film. It was a very hot day so this was no a welcome layer! Then he got to work on my pussy. I was interested to note why he didn’t gag me. The gag is the ultimate sign of dominance I think, it turns a switch in my head certainly. I think he knew I was in charge, both of us had a strange confliction, it was exciting and different. I did not feel I needed permission to cum, I felt thoughouly in charge! But kind of helpless. 

I came for the first time, more like an explosion! He played with the balls in my arse, turns out I am an anal slut! Then I told him to slide his caged cock in me, it felt different, in a good way. It didn’t take long to cum a second time! 

The third time took longer, by now he was begging to get out of his cage, I think the viagra was kicking in, I relented for the fourth orgasum and he came in me! It was more of an explosion. 

Time was up, he had succeeded, he got to stay out of his cage... for now! 

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