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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Black and blue

Is the colour of my ass! I had not done what he wanted the previous evening so he decided to spank me. First I was asked to get a gag, but I dithered, note to self, don't dither! I got a remind of what to do in the form of a slap around the face. I hurried off to get the gag. Then I was bent over his knee and spanked, really really hard! 100 spanks and it really hurt! 
The joy of him is he loves to eat pussy, and he does it really well! Really well! So the afternoon ended up with both of us a naked dirty mess, after many orgasums, lots of hot sex and a very sore pussy and ass. 
The best way to spend an afternoon in my opinion! 

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  1. hi. spankslondon@yahoo.co.uk we chatted a bit on another site and I have had to try and find you, well I hope this is you! You did a long car journey at the weekend (just so you know its me) and I know what you would like to do on a long journey in car. anyway, its a long shot so maybe you will get this message