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Thursday, 18 February 2010

The importance of underwear

I was having a debate last night with a friend of the male species, I exclaimed at how important I found suspenders, corsets, matching bras and knickers and some lace topped stockings! He then went on to say that the suspender and stocking combo should be worn without knickers, something I hadn't contemplated, simply because when wearing such sexy underwear it usually means I am getting up to no good and thus getting turned on and we all know what happens when I get turned on!

I was having a similar conversation with my flatmate and some other girls over dinner and they all thought how strange it was that I enjoyed wearing these kinds of under garments, to be honest I find it strange that they don't wear such sexy peices when in the company of a male! Some girls really need a lesson in dressing for the delight of a man! I like to see what my outfits reduce men to, there is a nice bit of power in that, it's only later when the man has tied me and gagged me that the power exchange occurs!

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