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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cum covered breasts

Not in the too distant past, a delightful gentleman (who was behaving in a delightfully ungentlemanly way) popped over to my empty London flat. With flatmates gone and a night of crap on the TV I thought that a little midweek play was in order. So Cognac paid me a visit. He bought gifts. Sadistically delightful gifts.

I greeted Cognac wearing very little, (well if I was going to play the slut role I may as well look like one). I had a lovely new little suspender belt, a particularly slutty corset and stockings and heels to finish the look off. Cognac was pleased with the ensemble, particularly as I had managed to 'forget' my knickers.

He produced a present, some very kinky red PVC bondage tape, something I have never tried. Taped to the chair was fun, he then proceeded to make me very immobile, and took away my sight. Now this was when I got fucking frustrated, my pussy dripping, and this is when Cognac's sadistic twin decided to rear his ugly face! So to feed my desire for some cock he thrust his in my mouth, not the result I was aiming for, but tied as I was there was fuck all I could do about it! That bondage tape is really rather effective!

Cognac eventually came, not in my pussy like I wanted but over my breasts. A rather unsatisfactory result but fun never the less.

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