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Saturday, 27 February 2010

I am in trouble.

I am in trouble. Merlot is promising some serious pain infliction and I am a little nervous! My first misdemeanour was my spellings. As you can see from this blog I am not the best speller in the world and Merlot is a stickler for doing things correctly. It is not my fault that I am so eager to write my emails / texts / blogs that my spellings go out of the window! He does require things done properly and my lack of ability to check my spellings is the cause of my rather sore behind today.
My second misdemeanour was very much my fault! You see we were out last night, in a rather interesting establishment, having a great time. There was rather a large ratio of gay men to anyone else but locked in the current conversation we didn’t really care. Things were going well, with intelligent conversation flowing (or at least I thought so!) Until I took off my scarf and revealed a rather exaggerated cleavage and whispered into his ear that I might just be wearing a corset underneath my dress. Things started to heat up on that sofa in the corner. I may have been a little naughty and had a fondle and a grope. I think that Merlot was the only male in the pub who was able to get a hard on by looking at breasts! So for my second punishment he made me squirm! I squirmed when he was kissing my neck at the bus stop. I squirmed when he was reaching into my knickers in the bar. I squirmed when he was biting my nipples while I was in a hogtie. And I really squirmed when he made me cum, for the third time!
I like being in trouble. I think I should be naughty more often.


  1. You naughty girl! You do squirm so well. :)

    I don't get in trouble for spelling so much but I do get asked why I don't have a spell checker app on my browser. I didn't know there was such a thing!

  2. I shall have to try that out Iona, thanks for the heads up, maybe this will help the sore bum issue! Love Kinky x