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Saturday, 12 May 2018


I had not seen him in years. We had remained friends and were close. Just not physically. 

I kneeled, naked, by the front door. I was trembling all over in anticipation! Literally shaking.

He entered, I didn’t say anything. He toyed with me, could see the little puddle I left on the wooden floor. He had a big wicked smile on his face. I love his smile.

He had me crawl across my hallway to the bedroom. It was deliciously humiliating. The slaps across my arse reminded me that I was not in charge. He was. 

Later, I found myself kneeling in my room, knees spred, hungry for his cock, hungry to cum. We progressed to my bed, he took me in the arse, in the pussy, in my mouth. He attached the anal hook to the gag, he tied me to my bed and I came, I came so hard I was completely spent. I exploded on his face and squirted, I made a mess of the sheets, again and again. It was perfect.

I had such a smile on my face that evening that my friend turned to me and asked ‘why are you smiling, have you had sex or something?’

‘Yes’ I said ‘I have had the best sex of my life.’ She didn’t notice the marks on my cheek from the gag or see the cum trickle out of my knickers.

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