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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Struggling to breath

I was trembling in anticipation a good 24 hours before he was due to collect me. He had sufficiently wound me up, with threats for cumming when I shouldn’t, promises of what would happen, and delicious mental images he painted with his words over the phone. 

I was subsequently a wreak. The day passed in a blur. I was told to insert my plug, take off my knickers and meet him outside of work. I did so, with a red face. Embarrassed to know what was under my skirt. My pussy dripping. My whole body trembling, my heart racing.

He arrived. I jumped in. “Lift your skirt, let everyone see your naked pussy.” I did so, my red face getting redder. The embarrassment of showing the world my slutty side.

We drove to mine, as soon as I was inside I was told to strip and kneel in the lounge. I did so dutifully. He gagged me, locked on the hood, attached metal wrist restraints to the collar. It was uncomfortable but delicious. My pussy gave me away. Before locking the hood in place he whispered in my ear “no safeword.” This sent my heart racing. I trust him, 100%, but the thought of what he was going to do was so exciting.

Then, he got my wand, I was already dripping, the sound of it practically made me cum. He said don’t you dare cum. What?! How could I not? How can I possibly stop myself? I haven’t cum in several days, I was soaking, I screamed. He just held it there, I tried to breath through it. He took it off. Then he attached some pegs, all over my breasts. He likes the image, symmetrical, he said.

Again he put the wand on my pussy, I have never hated that thing as much as I did then. “If you cum I will not fuck you.” I was aching for his cock in me. I needed it. So I screamed, then I came.

He knew I came. I could hear the disappointment in his voice. The next sensation I felt was the pegs being ripped off my breast. I screamed again. He then placed a plastic bag over my head.

I have never done breath play before. It was so hot. I could do nothing about not breathing, my mind raced, my heart raced. I didn’t know when he would remove the plastic bag, it made my pussy drip even more. 

We ended the session in a hot sticky cum filled mess. Sex with him is always fantastic, this was no difference. 

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