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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sleeping in Rope

Sauvignon took me out into the centre of town recently. It was a fantastic evening with delicious food, wonderful flirting and one of the best theatre productions I have seen in a while. We went to The Hurly Burly show, a cabaret burlesque performance starring Miss Polly Rae, a wonderfully sexy woman. The costumes alone made me wet. There were corsets galore, and we all know my passion for corsets, the stockings and suspenders were covered in glitter and jewels and after that performance I really need to get some nipple tassels!
Anyway, after Sauvignon playing with me the whole was through the performance I was suitably horny and wound up by the time we got back to mine. It didnt take long before I was squirting all over my bed. We decided to experiment with being tied, nothing too tight, hands in cuffs and ankles in rope while I slept. I didnt think that I would sleep like that, but after coming once more I was ready for sleep. I enjoyed the feeling, it wasnt the most comfortable sleep, but sleeping in rope is something I would love to do again...... maybe an even more restricting position next time?!

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