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Monday, 20 September 2010

His evil twin

Before we were rudely interrupted last time by my flatmates, Cognac said that he was going to use all the rope he could find on me. Well the other day he got the chance and it was certainly a great way to spend an evening.
I started with a mind blowing orgasm spreadeagled on the bed. Usually Cognac has very little will power to leave me tied for long, especially if he want something from me, but I was being particularly difficult and would refuse to allow him to tie me or to suck his cock (as much as I enjoy sucking his cock!) So he decided to try something out that he had learnt from someone a lot more sadistic than I am used to! He gagged me, really tightly with my big red ball gag, and made sure that there was NO room for movement on the ropes that held me to the bed.
Next came the blindfold. What a fantastic sensation, to be gagged, tied and blindfolded, I was getting excited, I knew that his resistance would fail as he just cant help but lick my, now very wet, pussy. Well I was wrong. His evil twin decided to pay a visit and he brought out some very painful pegs that he proceeded to pin in two lines running along the inside of both thighs. Ouch. Not only did he do this but I think he actually enjoyed it. Then he fiddled with them, more ouch, and then came the big ouch. He ripped the bastard things off, big ouch.
However, strange things happened to my pussy. I am not usually one for pain but my pussy had other ideas. Maybe it was just my complete helplessness that had me all hot and bothered, I am still not sure about pain. "You are actually glistening" - oops, even thougt I couldn't talk or see, I think I gave the game away!
Luckily for me, with burning inner thighs from the pegs, he got to work with his amazing tongue. That gave me my first fantastic orgasm, which was promptly followed by a few more, and finally I found myself covered in meters of rope in a hogtie, ass in the air while his sadistic evil twin got to work with a cane - ouch again. But what is painful one second is soon followed by another mind blowing orgasm!

I think I will be feasting on my memories of that evening for sometime - while I recover from the pain in my ass, inner thighs and jaw, thanks to his evil twin.

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