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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Flatmates.. the bane of my life!

There I was, lying on my bed, naked and all tingly after a few fantastic orgasms. We had been enjoying the afternoon / early evening in my flat with some kinky sex and he was just getting up to get the long hank of red rope and entwine it around my body when I receive a text from one of my flatmates:

'We are 5 mins away, Dad is with us, this is not a joke!'

Shit, shit, shit. I have never got dressed so quickly. Rope went flying under the bed and socks and pants picked up from where they were dumped in haste a few hours earlier. I hurried him out of the house with only moments to spare.

As we walked down the road to grab a much-needed bite to eat, he turned to me and said "maybe I shouldn't have been such a sloth this afternoon, you could have had at least 2 more orgasms.'

I will kill my flatmates for denying me that.


  1. That sucks!! Should have just brought the rope in the car and continued in the backseat ;)