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Sunday, 7 March 2010

New toy.

I have a fascination with gags, I have a few ball gags but have never experimented with anything else (apart from the obvious 'knickers in mouth once!) So while it was out shopping i entered an establishment that looked like it was right up my street. You know the ones, they have covered windows, you usually have to go downstairs to get the good stuff, and they are full of like-minded people.

On entering this establishment I went straight to the gag section, given my fascination for such bondage items. I found myself drawn to a ring gag. I like the idea of having your mouth open and being forced to such cock, while this idea is not romantic in the slightest, it is rather hot!

I settled with a rather harsh looking leather over the head contraption, it is certainly nothing to look at off, but I will have to invite someone over to see what it looks like on.

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