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Sunday, 25 March 2018


I haven’t seen him in ages. We met in north London and had a lovely walk through the streets of primrose hill to find the ultimate lunch spot. I was getting a little bratty and frustrated after we had been to two pubs and neither had been right by his criteria. We settled on the third and irritatingly he was right, it had the perfect ambiance and corner sport to settle for a Sunday afternoon. However, because of my bratty attitude he ordered my food, and when the delicious looking roast beef arrived, he took it all from my plate and cut up my vegetables and said that I was not allowed a knife to cut up my own food. His reasoning; I was behaving like a child so will be treated as such. I can’t describe the inward turmoil at this scenario. I had part of my food taken from me, I was not allowed to eat it unless told or offered and while I was really fucking angry, I was also really fucking turned on. He has the ability to really truely dominate me and I really truely enjoy it. 
Later I took off my knickers in the loo and handed them to him. I am now writing thisknickerless in the Uber home. Needless to say I will be masturbating later! Let’s hope that we get to have the sex that I really need right now! 

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