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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wanting... needing

I am currently on holiday, it is really lovely, totally I filled with kink, just a girly holiday. The problem is I get bored easily, my mind slips to kink. Then I look up images, like is this one...

I have a burning desire to be left like this.. I don't know why. I have never truly experienced it, to the point where I have wanted to be untied and released. I am not sure where my mind would go, that is why I want it so badly. I have a need to be kept in tight bondage, used but not for my pleasure, then locked away, wanting more. I have found out I love denial, what it does to me body and mind. It is a very powerful tool. The idea of not being able to unlock myself and give myself release is hot. 

I suppose it is similar to being kept as a sex slave, that feels a bit extreme, but to be tied tightly and left there, hooded, for god knows how long is rather appealing, I may not say the same thing if I am actually left like that... so we shall see. Right now I need to stop looking at porn, may take my mind off it! 

Back to sunbathing for me! 

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